Defeated reappearing heroes on raid

During a Raid I killed the opposition Justice and it reappeared - restored to the original settings a few seconds later. I killed it again and it returned again - back to the original setting. Is this supposed to happen or does some hero have a restore-a-hero hidden affect. Or is it just a bug?

Alberich, a HotM, can resurrect dead heroes with his special with about a 30% probability. If he wasn’t in the opposing team, then it sounds like a bug.


If it’s Alby’s special ability, they should resurrect with 23% HP, not 100%.

Justice does not have an auto-restore feature.

I’m thinkin’ bug…

Translation: Unfortunately it’s all a bug … Already lost a 30 liv account … today I can not connect with another 30liv account … spend money on the gems and lose accounts I do not know if it’s right …

I’ve had the same issue hero’s at 0% life 0% mana and should be dead BUT magically has 100% Mana and still at 0% life. Then uses his special ability at 0% life and is still alive good thing I was recording the battle and even got screen shots. This image shows him still alive even after using special ability with 0% life

This image shows him 0% life using special ability that magically got to 100% with 0% life

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This is so cool. Unfortunate, but cool nonetheless. I’ll have to keep an eye out, as if raids weren’t bad enough…

Still love them though…

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I think it bug because Alberich was resurrect dead heroes twice time, first time when full mana and the other when unfull mana.

I’ve noticed when battling in the providence my fully leveled Sonya when using her special will remove any buffers the monsters put on her team mates. But during raids she removes all buffers the enemies have on them. Is that normal?

Sonya should remove buffs from
enemies. Are you facing a debuffer that might remove your buffs?