Defeated by a ghost but won the battle anyway

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. In AW battle, the last hero standing was Alby. She Fired her special and brought back two. The red one was a ghost thing. I killed the other two, so it was the last standing. I hit it and was killed, ss shows Defeated. And yet I got the points for the win, and the AW opponent is dead.


This is an old issue which should have been solved.

@Petri, seems the invisible enemies are back with new update…

There’s ghosts in the machine. :rofl::rofl:

We are lucky that it is not the electro Gremlin :rofl:

That is a different issue. That was involving counter attackers and self healing which devs fixed but it has to do with those specific mechanics.

This is heros turning invisible without counterattack or self healing(leonidas, elkanen) involved, so therefore is the effect of a different mechanic.

Not to mention players killed the ghosted counter hitters and self healers at the end of a match before and they weren’t left standing. And if they were left standing, the loss was counted as a loss.

This may be a “similar” issue but should definitely not be mixed up with the other as there are pretty specific different results coordinated with different effects than the last ghost bug we faced.

@Biermeister can you tell us which hero was ghosted?



When you started the fight were all 5 opponents heroes alive?

As i read before on forum: If the hero that remained was not on the board when you started the fight (alby revived) and all the heroes that were on the board when fight started are dead then it is not a bug.

There is possible crazy scenario like this: enemy team has 2 albys. One alby dies after a teammate flag.
In next attack this happens:

  • alive alby revives dead alby
  • alive alby and all heroes except ‘alby dead’ die
    Being in this situation if you flee you lose.
    There are 3 possible scenarios:
  1. You kill dead alby and you win the fight. Or dead alby revives and you kill all and win.
  2. Dead alby doesnt revive others, you get defeated but you win because none of the heroes that were alive are dead > possibly the case here
  3. Dead alby revive others and you are defeated. If any hero that was alive at thr beggining of the fight is alive you lost. If all the heroes that were alive when fight started are dead you win, like in scenario 2.

This is crazy when a ‘dead’ alby can revive the ‘alive’ alby and win the fight… :crazy_face:


My question regarding your scenarios 2&3 is won’t you see atleast physical hero standing instead of a ghost thing as shown in the captured image?

I think you should. That way you see who was dead and who alive when you started the fight - ghost figure could be there to help you in this way…

Thing is the ghost alby can ressurect the alive heroes and the defender can still win with an alive hero up… thats why battle doesnt end when only the ghost remains.

SG can do something like this: if only ghosts are on the board and cant revive the ‘alive’ heroes then the battle should be ended right there… time wasting etc…

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When I started the battle, yes all five enemy heroes were alive. The red hero that was left standing after being revived was Azlar.


Then is a 100% issue.


That explains, the damage you had was an AOE from the ghost Azlar…
So when you hit it, there your heroes suffered DOT, but then you couldn’t have killed a ghost, the system got confused and awarded you points and declare you defeated since ghost is still theoretically alive , I will be confused too, not sure ghost dies…:rofl::rofl:

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