Default teams


So currently, we have the toggle for “Defense Team” This is great. :slight_smile:

What I love is to see is the following:

Set your “defense team” from the Raid screen, and not have it use a team slot, since you’re literally not “using” this team.

Have toggles for raiding and Titans. In other words a default, so that when finish up your Titan and notice you have an energy for a raid, you don’t accidentally run into the raid with your other team… cough … not that cough I’ve ever cough done that.


This theoretical situation, which has never ever happened to me of course, would be prevented by just such a solution!

Two thumbs up!


I made a suggestion long ago to have different default teams. I use different team for titan and raid. Happened many times I attack with my Titan team by mistake.


I’d like to add my vote to this suggestion, and also request the ability to have more than 3 teams.
Currently, I have a defense team and a map team, which are mostly static, and then I vary the third team for raids and titans, depending on the opponent’s team (for raids) and the particular titan color (for titans).
It would be very convenient to have dedicated defense, map, raid and titan teams.