Def team to go to platinum

Help, I keep losing more trophies, def team to go to platinum what? What heroes to level first?
help 5 Help 4

From what I can see, my next 5 heroes to max would be:
Do you have any other heroes in your roster?

Yes I have wu and boldtusk, but what defense team composition need to go to platinum?

If you have: Boril, Cyprian, Kashhrek.
Those were the heroes I hate as tank to face against.
But from your current team; I suggest to use:

Wu, Melendor, Boldtusk (Tank), Chao, Gormek

hence to level Chao and Mel
If later on you can level Sonya, she can replace Melendor as dispeller (fast as well). So you will have 3 hitters.
If only you have 4* purple, it will be better.

I am in Diamond now and I still hate Wu to face against from time to time…

just my 50 cents

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Gormek, Chao and Sonja are clear.

Then it depends where you want to go.

  1. Sonja tank: ? - Boldi - Sonja - Gormek - Chao
    On the left wing a fast green sniper ( Cademon would be nice ) or maybe Melendor.

  2. Kashreck Tank: Sonja - Boldi - Kashreck - ? - Chao
    You can use Kash until TP 2200/2300.

3.Boldi tank:
I dont like healer tanks and you have to many reds to use red tank right now.

Wish you best of luck.

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Don’t forget that Boldy is not just a healer, but attack buffer…
His +48% attack will be useful for the team.

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Sorry, but I don’t see a def for Platinum there. You may reach it from time to time on offense, but your defense will just keep you around 2K cups momentarily.

Sonya Boldie Kash Gormie Wu


2K is already platinum :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry, I agree

What defense do you have now? Again, I agree with @Olmor.

Attackers would be tempted to stack red, but Kash of course is strong against red. Wu is unpredictable in a defense team, but he’s your only option. Are you currently working on a 4* purple hero? GL

I have Belith, Boldtusk, Wukong, Gormek, and Karil

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You should replace your 3* with 4* heros when you can. 3* heros are too squishy for Platinum.


If you make the decicion to go with Kash as your platinium tank go with Olmors proposition.
If you want another tank take my first proposition and use Melendor as left wing until you find a 4* hero to improve your defense.

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IMO main question is attack team to get 1800 cups and quest rewards, Kashrek as tank + any 4* heroes grant enough defence.

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Sonya Mel gormek chao gilra

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You’re right, I was thinking of diamond. Platinum will definitely be possible.

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Kashhrek will be the best 4* tank, right?

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Li Xiu
Little John

are all cool epic tanks.


Check Olmors post. Especially Li Xiu and Buddy are excellent 4* tanks.

Problem with Kash. is that he is only a tank and not much more and defenitely is geting useless starting with ca. 2200 cups. The other heros you can then use for stacking.

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Dont get too attached to your def team until end diamond, choose wisely your attack pick, work your bench in this purpose and you will reach diamond, et least to open your chests.


Right now I am using a Finley - Sabina - Rana - Sartana - Marjana defense ( Sabsi maxed up with symbols ) and still get bombed out of diamond every so often. But I open all my chests in diamond! :smile:

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