Def team request

Ok as the problem of counter attack effected my best def team strategy, I am looking for a help and adviced to make another team because its not good any more to keep my old team.
Old def was:
Melendor Boril Gormek Boril Li Xui
I am trying this def team now

But I don’t understand this statics tbh.
I have heros of 4☆
Little John
Li Xui
Hu tou
What should be the best def team to replace the brothers Boril ?

use kashrek in the center gormek next li xui on the other side melendor or sabina to not use too much green in the corner and hu tou or little john in the other corner

So how to be the formation?
Li Xui Gormek Kashrek little John Sabina ?

little John Gormek Kashrek Li Xui Sabina

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3 greens including tank is begging to get massacred by reds.

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Try to run a rainbow team if possible, if you have to run two green put them on either side of a red or two red on either side of a green. Still a bad idea. I use 3 color defense to drop to 2k cups to make the chest easier to fill.


I can’t rainbow, Just have Boril and he is broken this days.

Thanks buddy I will try this line