Def / Emblem Advice

Hi all,

Just got some great luck in Wonderland, on 20pulls getting QoH, Jabber, and Rabbit. I also have about 2000 feeders saved up i need to start using, and trying to figure out the best heros to level - our alliance doesn’t run a unified tank color in war either.

My current def (once i can use all my emblems):
GM-19, C.Magni-19, Guin-14, Ursena-19, Joon-16

I also have Ariel and Gazelle near 3.70 I was planning to ascend, with only 6 darts. I was reluctantly thinking to take all Joon emblems to Jabber, which hurts cause he is great with my maxed Jackal, but joon
will be off my titan team now with Rabbit even if rabbits stays at 3.70 and i have a deep yellow squad.

While I love getting Rabbit and have enough cleric emblems for lv16 or so, I’m not sure to spread them out with Ariel for raids, max Ariel/Rabbit for def and wait on Gazelle until i get 6 more darts, or leave rabbit at 3.70 and max Gazelle (my yellow titan team is already very strong, 3.70 rabbit will be fine).

I was thinking of one of the 2 setups for war def, potentially using Rabbit-16 if i max him instead of Ariel/Gazelle.

Def 1: C.Magni-19, Ursena-19, Guin-14, Jabber-16, GM-19

Def 2: Jabber-16, QoH-16, C.Magni-19, Ariel, Ursena/GM-19

Maybe some other def i haven’t thought of? I seem to be the only person with no good green tank, though i could sacrifice Ursena emblems for LotL as a flank to QoH or C.magni. I have a pretty deep bench for raids/titans so mainly concerned with def.

Jabber and Rabbit are both definite to take all the way, Gazelle could probably wait I think

In terms of your D, I’d go the first

Have you considered a lineup with Ursena at tank?

Thanks for the input on gazelle, I have thought about ursena as tank, but was unsure about who to flank with, maybe:

Def 3: Rabbit-15, c.magni-19, Ursena-19, GM-19, Jabber-16

I think i can probably spend the emblems on Rabbit since Ariel may not be as useful on def, but she was going to be part of my new Tell attack squad

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