Def down and ele def down question

Greetings to everyone.
Im kinda new to this game and probably this is a noobish question but ill go ahead anyways.
When i use 2 def down heroes in my team, 1 ele and 1 just normal def down, for example valen and nordri, which skill do i fire first to get the most out of it in terms of dmg?
Nordri has -54 vs ice and valen -34 def, so i guess Valens skill do more dmg if the target has his defences reduced vs that element? Or the opposite?( Def down and then element).
I don’t have much experience to calculate this myself, so im asking here for someone that knows.
Thanks in advance for the replies.

Generally speaking you want to fire the hero that has the higher damage down stat first. But this is pretty negligible in regards to special skill damage. It’s more for the benefit of tile damage as a combination.

Scroll down to some of my posts in that thread for the maths.


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