Decreasing allowed team power when attacking

Rather than making a couple of rediculous over powered heroes. Where good tile play and other good decisions won’t matter.

How about capping the allowed team power. So us users can’t attack with all 5s heroes. Consider finding a way of capping the total emblems brought to the battle as well.

They do that early in the game.
Tbh that’s not a great ideal. People would scream bloody murder.
The game already increases “team cost” cap in your earlier levels. This reduces being able to buy and IMMEDIATELY jump to the top.
It’s in place and it ain’t broke, I’m saying it not be “fixed”.

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I play my 3 star tournaments without emblems and do well. My opponent usually have 80 to 100 emblems. I don’t believe emblem caps are an answer (but it was worth thinking about for me). :slightly_smiling_face:

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