Decision time Red 4*

Need advice - have leveled all available Red Heroes except Colin and Guardian Falcon. Neither impresses me much. Still, should I advance one of them until something better comes along or should I feed red fodder off color to another project (Frigg, Vivica costume, 2nd Victor, or Raffaelle?). Thougjts???

Unless you get lucky with Marjana’s upcoming costume Falcon is a must vs green titans. I left Colen unlevelled for a while but I’ve really come around on him, especially for very fast wars/tournaments. So imo both are worth levelling

Uh, what? This isn’t even a question.

Guardian Falcon. Until Marjana’s costume hits he is the only red elemental defense down in the game. He can single handedly double your scores on green titans.

Hits like a wet noodle, but is quite sturdy for a 4*.


In my honest opinion it should be G. Falcon

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