Decision about two heroes of one color during titans


good evening everyone, lately I had an issue with berden which made so much ATK on my heroes, I just wonder if they dont die during titan attacks which is better? thx

  • berden
  • little john

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Usually I’m going to choose the 4* (Little John) over the 3* (Berden). Not always. But in this case, yes.

(I would keep Berden for the Beginner Event though!)


During Titans, if it’s blue use both and drop your red :slight_smile:


After reading the topic, I thought this is about using 2 heros of the same color during a titan fight, but can’t choose which 2.


I don’t think so but maybe. Since a third isn’t mentioned I assume he meant he wants help picking one.


much of it depends on how leveled each one is.


Keep both but use John when you have level him up a bit.
Huge attack and slowing mana are really useful.


it means berden will live during events?


good choice in front of blue titans


we can assume at last lvl


yeah, its between them


@mazyar Great question to pose!

I Actually had Berden (Who I loved) and then pulled Little John. I was ill advised to feed Berden to LJ…

Just speaking from my experience, I regretted it! LJ has a Slow mana & even though I leveled him up and ascended him, he was pretty much useless during every part of the game, including Titan raids.

But somebody else gave good advice when they said you might want to keep both due to the challenge events, especially if you’ve already invested a lot into Berden.

Kind Regards,


thx for your advises, yeah using both of them is a choice and it is good just when the titans color is blue, which is one in a list.

LJ is slow, his ATK is a bit lower than berden but his DEF is really more than berden. compared to berden, LJ is multi using hero

about regret, dont be :slight_smile:


Beginner events only allow you to use [up to] 3* heroes and [up to] 2* Troops. Which means you could only use Berden, not Little John, of those two.

Next Event is coming soon!


You’re welcome Mazyar! Perhaps keep them both if you can, because @Rook is right about the advantage of having Berden for the Challenge Events.



you are right. I use ishtak in that event and maybe this time we need two 3* green heroes :slight_smile:


Or Belith, the green healer… sometimes I have to change my tactics from hard-charging to survival (and Vice versa) :grin:


on my last top up I gained 5 belithes :joy: