Decimate Emblem pack

Everyone knows this will be just the start of selling them. Soon there will be huge emblem offers in $100 deals and the whales will have 5 +20 hero defense teams before long. Got to keep the whales happy though…I’m not surprised at all, just disappointed.


Would you rather spend 350 gems (12 days of gems from VIP Pass) on a summon, which will most likely give you a duplicate 3* or 4*, or would you make the purchase and use the emblems on a 4*?

If a player has a decent roster of levelled 3/4s and isn’t too fussed about summoning 5 heroes, it’s a good buy. If the intention is to get ahead by purchasing every emblem offer available, then good-bye $$$ :wink:

Getting the offer to top up the last 2-3 emblems needed for a trait seems reasonable, but I would wait on the raid challenges as well to see what the rewards are like.


I’m going off what players have said they spent to max troops. Haven’t actually ran any numbers, just took their word for it. But yes due to RNG and what not, you could be right.

As far as starting from level 1, idk if that is a factor considering you can get them a few levels just eating 1 and 2* for free. Believe level 10 can be obtained somewhat quickly through free feeders alone but again i haven’t ran numbers and don’t recall what it took me to do it.

This could potentially be a game changing development that will.make things worse increasing even further the gap between f2p and p2w. It was fair and appropriate to have each person win the emblems according to their hero roster capacities, in the spirit of pure competition with equal opportunities for all. The VIP with a daily emblem was already an advantage, now a daily emblem pack will provide a very unfair advantage to those who can afford it, even though the amount of emblems per gem price aren’t worth it. But whales will be whales. Bad & greedy move SG.


After all the goodwill SG bought themselves with the Valentine’s Day offer they go and do this and crush it all…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I feel the vip argument is invalid since devs have given a way for f2p to obtain vip without spending(teammate is already taking full advantage of that feature, he’s pretty excited about that release)

And the vip gives 1 emblem a day which really isnt enough to even be considered an edge as much as the other things that come with vip.

As far as the rest of your post, yes that will be the general consensus across the game i believe.


@Xero786 @JimMe
Any input on the costs of maxing troops?

Just figure straight to the source is best bet. I really have no viable reason to say you’re right or wrong winters

And we may end up getting flagged for off topic if we continue

We both still agreee it’s expensive though and that was the point of the original comparison between troops and emblems. Both expensive options, but options players are willing to buy anyways

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Yeah I saw it. It’s a ridiculous offer. I really really hoped and dreamed they wouldn’t do this. At least it’s a deal that would take a really really long time to widen any gaps.

The only time I see myself taking this deal up is if I’m 10 emblems or less from the next step in the tree for that class


Revelate did the math on troop costs. I’ve honestly forgotten that now as I haven’t spent on troops for over a year and can’t find his math. It is closer to the $1200-$1300 range. I did budget $100 a month for a year on my troops before I stopped spending on them. The rest of it is through farming (I have no idea how much I’ve spent on WE refills) and the random token drops.


It’s not this deal that is the problem…it’s the subsequent deals for you big spenders that I guarantee are coming that are the issue. Why can’t we have 1 thing in this game that is truly an equal playing field.

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It’s why I said I wished this never happened. The looks of how things are with this deal and beta it doesn’t look like there are huge spending deals for Emblems. And they are giving decent options for getting the Emblems (it was awesome that the emblems in events were completion rewards and not tiered).

So I’m not super worried yet


i managed over 1000 emblems in the first 5 week trial cycle, take out 250 as gifts from sg and you are still getting a load of them if you want, the offers will boost some player but as it stands you can still comfortably max the 5*s without spending

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And now we are talking about a feature being tested in beta that is pay per play???..yup, SG really does just want the likes of 7DD and the whales in this game. If it comes to the point that I have to pay just to play content in this game then I’m out

Whatever floats your boat.

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Well to deter this thread from goin down the route i drove another one into.

I’m pretty sure not all the event rankers in wonderland were 7DD so lets talk about the pay per play raid events and certain alliances or players or whatever as separate issues for conversation sake.

The rare titan issue well an alliance was relevant to that but i havent heard or seen 7DD ask or encourage a pay to particpate event. Think that solely falls back on SG. Maybe i’m nuts though

Considering event rankers pay more than anyone else(theoretically) to rank then a pay to better rank system effects them more than anyone in my opinion. So i’m sure the feature isn’t ideal for anyone including whales and f2p

Off topic flags coming anytime now…

I like buying sure things vs. rolling for luck - it is why I have only S1 heroes from TC20 and early buys when summons are worth it. The cost feels outrageous but I’m also maxing mostly 3 & 4* with emblems, so 10 emblems is is 10/30 for a skill or 10/15 for a stat boost on a 4*. It’s like 500 gems for a cap, compass and trainer. I think that’s outrageous but I’ve bought before because I needed it.

Okay. I’m the odd ball here. I actually don’t have an issue with this. Everybody has their own budget for entertainment and stuff like this. If you enjoy and play for free, good for you. If you have the extra cash and want to spend for strength, more power to you. Those who spend should have an advantage. And SG is running a business so why not sell a desirable item. This is simply supply versus demand and SG has to determine the sweet pricing point.

Will I buy this? Likely not. Will some? Likely so. Will someone get stronger faster? Likely. Do I care? Not really. I enjoy the game and fight to see how high I can go and to challenge myself. This is just another level of challenge.


I did get them on my alt account… because it took 2 of my 4 stars to the next level. Had they not I would have passed. I see that being the only way I’ll be tempted.

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I have a lot less of an issue with this offer than the alternatives, although they may be coming. Main thing to look at here i think is the high cost, but also it could be bought with gems.

Therefore F2P could save up for these offers. I wouldn’t recommend it, but at least it wasnt a cash only deal. That is why im ok with it. Here’s hoping there are no $100 offers.

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