Decimate Emblem pack

So is this the price for emblems or will this vary like the gems offers?


Ok @Xero786 this is no hoax lol it is live in my game account as well


Not sure if it’s somethin people should hit the ceiling over but the info is there


I won’t buy, but I think this offer is on par with other offers in the game.

There was another in beta that was for more emblems for a bit smaller price per emblem.

I rename this offer “Decimate Your Wallet.”

At that rate, ascending one hero with 1500 emblems costs 26,250 gems. Translate to your currency…


This offer is riddiculous. Just … what were they thinking? They are insane!

You can keep your emblems! I will never buy. If it would contain 50+50 emblems, then i might buy.

But this price and quantity, there’s no way in h**l i would never buy!


Let’s boicot the emblem offers! :muscle:
Seriously, we all knew this moment would come


I have spent a ton of money in the game. However, this offer takes advantage of the fact that there are tons of emblems per level up. It seems like a reasonable deal, but it would take forever with these tiny amounts to ascend a hero. There should be 50 emblem offers at a more reasonable rate per emblem. At least then one would see a tangible benefit each time you buy one.

Too soon Small Giant…
Just too soon.


How much does it cost to max 5 4* troops in less than a year?

On that reguard take a look on @Xero786 troops on the legendary event :joy:

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I think the offer probably is right, it doesn’t allow anyone to gain a huge advantage leveling heroes but is enough to keep you on track if you weren’t farming chests everyday


It depends where you start, but I would guess $1000 plus. But that is more beneficial than getting one hero maxed.

Last i heard players were spending an average of $1k to max 5 4* troops

So basically guess all i’m saying is there are players who will have no problem buying every one of these emblem offers

And 20 emblems isnt a huge amount or significant change amount, i’ll agree with that. Even if offered daily.

But the thing with devs is they will run it up as far as people will buy it. 2x 10 emblems today, may be 2x 20 emblems a day in a month from now, 2x 30 emblems per day a month after that, etc and i think that is the biggest concern. Especially if these offers are pretty commonly available.

It was a huge divisive issue before emblems even hit release, surprised SG has still gone through with it but then again not really. I’m willing to see how it pans out.

Not hittin the panic button yet, just having some early morning coffee conversation


I am one of those suckers, but I would like to see a better rate. I have no problem with the offers to buy emblems, but at least let them make a difference for my hard earned cash

Sounds reasonable in comparison to troops…

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63,800 xp to max a 4* troop and the average xp per pull is 220.

So would cost 232000 gems in 10 pulls if you got a perfect colour split to max 5 4*s

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26250 would be $262.5 for normal purchase

$1312.5 for Rainbow set , its not too expensive i could say

By the way the offer has it’s own slot so have a feeling it wont be a random times thing. More of a daily available offer. Don’t recall if i mentioned that already, still finishing first cup of java

I’m willing to wait and see too. The upcoming raid challenges promise a good supply of emblems, but no one knows the ultimate reward. If there is a good supply in addition to these offers then hopefully there will be a good balance in the universe.

Smaller offer?

Notice that it is a 2 pack. So you could spend 350g to get 10+10 ( which I think is the illegal beta screen shot that was floating around ).

If true, I think breaking it into a 2 pack was a smart idea.

You are right, at least for one of the illegal shots on the web.

Emblems for 3* heroes

Rumor has it some beta testers just reset their emblems on 4*/ 5* heroes and used them on 3* heroes. Many betas give you free infinite resets, but this probably means you should hold on to at least one of each 3* hero, and save any leveled 3* heroes you have.

At least that is the rumor.

If true, just like the pack of trainer heroes for war and the pack of battle items for challenge events, I expect this offer to pop up in the store to tempt people for whatever reason you would give emblems to a 3* hero.

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