Deciding Who to Use Class Emblems On from Class Trial Quests

I think the toughest thing besides getting enough emblems will be deciding who to use them on.


I strongly agree. The stronger the better

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I would agree as well.

Also, finding out I don’t have many of one class and too many of another.

So far BT, Rigard, Caedmon, Grimm, Joon, Onatel, and Sonya have gotten emblems. Khiona and Lianna are patiently waiting for theirs.

I do not have any sorcerers fully leveld so I am not sure what I am going to do there. I have Sabina at 60, and 2x Natalya at 70.

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I would keep working on sabina

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I have thought about that.

Gloves are my worst enemy for anything though. Pretty much why I have left certain heros at 60.

It seems as though everyone has one or 2 ascension items that are scarse. For me it has been D-blades lol!
I think I will use emblems to boost Onatel’s attack. I really like playing with her.

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