Deciding where to spend your class emblems - Tourney update 2019-Mar [Math, Analysis]

I just came out of retirement

So I have some thoughts on LB heroes

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Looking forward to that Gryphonknight…

I do think there is a over-focus in the Community on limit-breaking 5*s. A bit like with emblems, depending on type of player there could be different approaches to limit breaking…

Old Players

The forum does not always reflect the population of the live server

A lot of the old 4* players left, the forum and the game

Mono 5* HotM

Once 25x 5* HotM had been released, most top players did not need 4* heroes any more

Pseudo 5* heroes

All the Pseudo 5* heroes were replaced,

c.Marjana replacing Falcon, Ariel as a blue replacement for Rigard, Tarlak as a green replacement for Wu Kong, Garnet replaced Boldtusk

Some players still prefer Pseudo 5* Wilbur to actual 5* Aegir , but I expect SGG to eventually come up with a replacement for Pseudo 5* Wilbur


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New 5* HotM Meta shift

Beta Classic 4* / 5* testers

Pseudo 5* heroes


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