Deciding where to spend your class emblems - Tourney update 2019-Mar [Math, Analysis]

The only power increase I found were +5 team power to the emblemed hero each time you would give it another emblem’s level and nothing at all regarding

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this… I was trying to figure out if it is worthwhile for a mid-level player like me to make all of my maxed 4* heroes a 4/70 +1.

Basically, I have about 12 maxed 4* and 2 maxed 5*. I emblemed all of my most used 4* to +7. Both of my 5* are emblemed to +1. Interestingly enough, I don’t have competition for emblems between the 4* and the 5* (Example, I have great 4* monks, but no competing 5* monk).

In a case like that, do people find it worthwhile to add an emblem just for the talent proc? Or is it better to save and hoard and only max one hero for each class?

The Crystal Knights alliance did a bit of work on which of the best 4* heroes should be allocated emblems but it was a few months ago now. It’s probably in the player guides in the forum.
From my notes it was fine to allocate multiple emblems to:
Grimm, Gretel, Rigard, Hansel, Melendor, Gadeirus, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Wu Kong, G. Falcon, Buddy, G. Jackal, Cabin boy Peters, Sabina, Proteus and Merlin.
However they only recommend one emblem (only) be allocated to:
Hu Tao, Sir Lancelot, Sumitomo and Colen
All other 4* heroes were a no no
Hope that helps


See above

20 characters

That definitely helps. I have most of those heroes and have maxed quite a few, but I have only taken a handful to 4/70+7 (Grimm, BT, Proteus, Wilbur, Hansel).

I guess my question was more along the lines whether others in the thread decided to take any/all/most of their maxed heroes to +1 just for the proc and a little flexibility. Example, I used Boril and have him at +1, but I have worked Hansel to +7 (recent pull). I can +1 Rigard just for the talent. But those +1 introduce an inefficiency to Hansel, who is my best Cleric.

It’s an extension of who to emblem since it’s more like “How many in a class to emblem”. Obviously, emblems given to a second barbarian or fighter or monk is preventing you from giving those emblems to the strongest one

I faced this decision a fair amount with my lineup. I only had 2 5* when emblems were introduced so I spent my emblems on my best 4* in several classes. Since then I have been maxing more heros and have had to think about adding depth to my war bench vs my raid attack teams. I have gone a little more towards war teams (using emblems on multiple heros). Exceptions are made for my few 5* that are in my raid def (Ariel and Zim).

This was like the thread that never ends lmao, definitely a great read :slight_smile:

Excellent thread, lots of useful tips and guides. I’d only add that even leveling up a 4* to +19 talent does not always make sense. Take Boril as an example: nothing on his talent levels 19 and 20 is worth spending 110 emblems for sure. And there are a few more 4s, for which I’d rather spend those 110 emblems to take another 4 to almost +5…

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Nice thread and although I agree on most of your suggestions as I myself give every maxed hero at least 1 emblem to active the talent skills. I do tend to disagree with this comment a bit though

There are 2 factors I’d like to include here which may not have been thought of at the time but will be discribed into a single response.


If doing tournaments (any star really) but 1 and 2 for lower levelled players and beginners more so and want to have a chance at reaping the possible rewards then the only way to complete is by maxing the emblems on these heroes which is a good starting point when you don’t have 3 and 4 star rosters. These will also get you most common daily quests so I would expand on your suggestion into maxing these hero types with emblems to begin with.
They can always be reset and used on bigger heroes later on in the game as their roster improves/grows.

Where 1 and 2 star heroes when I first started where only considered as feeders, they are now a part of the game for battles and thus should be included into a beginners guide into helping them to grow thier required items for leveling.

Tournaments are fun and taking part in them from earlier on for beginners will help them understand the games mechanics much easier and sooner.

Other than that, great effort on your thread as I am sure took some time to put together and very insightful as a whole.

Having said that, Tournaments in general for all stars, if your going to be competitive you do need to emblem up as you only have to look at the 100 players of any tournament they are all emblemed up so to compete you really have no choice.

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So funny, I was just searching for this thread and couldn’t remember the name and then it jusy pops up. I’m just to yhe point in my alt ummmmm I mean my wife’s acoount where she can emblem 3* s and wanted to research it.

Do NOT spend emblems on 1-3* star characters!!! If you plan on playing the game for any length of time… it’s just a waste and you are better served putting them on 4* and taking down titans for the rewards. I hate seeing new people tricked into 2* tourneys thinking they will get anything significant from this… titans are daily and will give you possibly 7 chances at rewards compared too a weekly chance of “ mostly random crap”

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I don’t see how it’s a trick, lol… but it is an OPTION for beginners who don’t have any decent 3 and 4 star rosters. Everyone has to start somewhere and they can always be reset to a bigger hero later on.

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I’ve found that I need to spread some around just to get the talent, especially if I have multiple good heroes I use often. I ended up taking it to the point where anyone I use often gets an emblem, so I’ve got a bunch of 3*,48, and 5* with emblems.

Some are much further along than 1 node, but for some classes, that single emblem helps out more than others.

It may not be optimal for those with huge 5* rosters, but I’m not that guy.

Is this thread still open to ask advice on some 5s and 4s I’m going back and forth on using Emblems?

I’ll be checking in periodically to see if there’s a response. If this isn’t the place that people are talking about Emblems fthen @Gryphonknight can you please possible post the link that’s most current? Thanks guys

Many people just open a specific thread addressing their question. I don’t think there is a single catch-all spot.


Tyvm @littleKAF I appreciate your response!

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Tournaments and X*+20

The exception is tournaments.

X*+20 heroes are better for tournaments than X*+18 or +19, since X*+20 have the highest hero based team power.

Yes this means 2* level 15 troops and maximum level costumes are also very helpful.


([Primer] How come the leaders in the tournament have so many more points than me? or tournament seeding, time zones, and Elo rating deflation)

([Primer] Tournament defense points or Why was my defense team attacked ZERO/ 3000 times)

(Raid Tournament Scoring Guide)



This is a fantastic guide Gryphonknight, and an incredible contribution to the community.

What makes this guide particularly insightful is the fact that it is still relevant now, nearly 2 years later and despite the massive changes that have taken place!

Are there any thoughts to create a similar guide for LBs? Although one could argue that some of the same principles apply as the ones you have used in this guide.

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LB quests / Heroes

Since LB heroes increase the hero’s base stats, they are multiplicative with troops, costumes and some class nodes

With my play style, I stopped leveling troops ( see notes ) but am still summoning troops ( looking at you Ninja troops )

Costumes are left to Merciless RNG ( Argh nerfed Costume chamber )

So it is more important that I LB heroes that I have, or am taking, to class nodes 15, or 18 ( see notes )

My roster

Currently waiting to test Yellow, Red, and Blue, LB quests ( use aethers to get aethers )

For Purple, and Green, I am doing b.Rigard Lv75 4*+18, and b.Melendor Lv75 4*+18 ( see notes )

My first, or second, for Yellow LB will be b+.Wu Kong Lv75 4*+18 ( costume and class node bonuses )

b= base hero
b+= base hero with costume bonus


Click for notes


In my opinion, Epic troop tokens from loot drops ( summon 3* Lv01 / 4* Lv01 troops ) are more important than the Barracks building ( leveling troops to Lv02+ )

Since 2* / 3* / 4* Lv01 troops already give you lots of good variety if you have 5x each type of troop ( looking at you 4* Lv01 crit/ ninja/ mana troops )

Click for troops post

Rigard, and Melendor, together they fight crime

(Rigard and Melendor ( together they fight crime) for 3-1-1 raiding or rainbow raiding)

With Wu Kong

Grinder Gang 2

Cascade squad

([Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers- New Notes 2019-Mar)

Debuff Duo

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)


(Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED)


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