December Event

Hey fellow gamers,

does anyone know if there will be an event in december like in the last 3 month?
Or is there „only“ the alteady active event quest?


Petri (staff) confirmed that there Will be a ‘normal’ event next to the winter quest. It Will be a rerun of the guardians of teltoc.

Edit: for those interested, here’s the link to where he said it.


If it is next to ‘save the winter’, then it is January, no?

Oh, ok? It seems like i missed that somewhere.

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No next to as in simultaneously :slight_smile:

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The winter event is interesting. I have been chipping away and as I get to the mid tier levels I’m not one hit KO’ing bosses so I am seeing some specials - one uses glacial shatter (with the animation) and another used a Musashi style 3-hit that triggers perfect riposte on him after. These later levels will be fun!

That is Obakon’s cleave and counter

It’s pretty cool. When I saw the animation I was like ‘oh crap’ and then it did like 120 damage…phew.

You can touch and hold on any foe or hero to see info about it, including its health, special move, and status effects. This info is essential in going up against unfamiliar foes, as it helps you choose who to focus on first.