December 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

I can’t believe it, is this early Christmas present?

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It still has niche use, against buffs like dodge. The dodge cannot proc against passives and it also bypasses taunt


Why don’t I see Drake Fong’s name list (he is Hotm 2018)??


Now reuben can be paired nicely along with c.marjana

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As I have mentioned on my review on Xiamara, she is a great hero but fast to die. In general, she never reaches her ‘boosted’ hit.
By this (slight) increase in stats, she might have some more chance for surviving one or two hits and actually reach her full potential.


Reuben getting this buff also indirectly buffed slayers. Slayers getting the 75% DOT reduction, on top of their passive 50% DOT reduction.

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Those already super strong double lepiota 6 tiles attacking Teams now will get even stronger


Buffing frond is super ridiculous


See, I generally do at least get the second hit in on my 2lb Xiamara. To me the change in mana corruption damage to 400 is the crazy part. Against certain heroes(looking at you Hippo) that can be devastating.

Frond…xiamara…blossom…im reading these names and im thinking who the hell are these people?! And they are even getting buffs :joy:


If anybody from @staff can actually explain why they buff already strong heroes, would be appreciated. Old heroes definitely need buffs BUT most of those buffs come with costumes, which are behind a pay wall.

As usual, the only balance you try to make is balancing your wallets.


Somewhat elementary, sloppy copy and paste error which confirms the old maxim “More haste - less speed” and highlights the continuing lack of quality which results from the ongoing push to produce more, faster using less resources and the cutting of corners to save money (and increase profit).

As many, many people on the forum note: The priority balance is the bank balance. :moneybag:


Looking forward to seeing the order of operations. If C.Zim can cleanse Ludwig’s taunt, then can the passive immediately cleanse the mana gain on his neighbors?


Exactly… I don’t, on my 1x LB Xiamara.
And no, I do not have enough alpha aethers to give her the 2LB.

Indeed, the 400 corruption is very nice. If you manage to drop this before Ludwig activates… or against Myon-Ni, Hulda, Phorcys, Sha Wujing…


Imbalanced updates!!!

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@Petri Brimstone cried in the corner. everyone gets an additional % on their special skills. he just gets additional status


Christmas comes early this September!


Passives resolve after the special skill.
Unless they change something, zinthika should become the perfect Ludwig double dispelled.
Getting rid of the taunt with the special and the passive getting rid of the mana buffs


It’s usually the 12 weeks of Christmas these days.

Note: I’m pretty sure I saw mince pies in the shops here at the end of August ! :scream:

Torben joins him too

My Hautstone get nothing. He as the oldest never get buff :sweat_smile: