December 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

Please share your thoughts on the latest balance changes!


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Buffs to older heroes are welcome, the buffs to the Construct heroes seem insane and unnecessary, also as a Xiamara owner, her buff is going to be great for me but I really don’t think it’s necessary either, she’s already very strong. Still looking through the list to see what else catches my eye


In addition, Lots of buffs to Tavern of Legend Heroes beside Passive, also special skill.
About the old heroes, one positive thing is I (Balur, my avatar) got buff. I actually planned to send myself to SE so I have to recalculate my plan

But why are only these 3 construct heroes are buff ?


i am happy to see buffs, especially on old heroes

new heroes getting buffs is ok

please buff the costume bonuses for atlantis and seasonal events too 5%/5%/10%/5% is too low

and hopefully more families get new passives

Side note: Nadezhda’s buff isn’t good, her first charge need to have 3 turns on the revive and more burn damage.


Sure. I’ll take a marginally helpful buff… but buffing the new clash of knights and construct… I get why they do that… but maybe don’t.


Buff latest strong hero that doesn’t need a buff, awesome! Plz buff them more! Keep screwing up the game balance more plz love it! :rofl:

Lol, bet the ones who got rid of Balur are at least a little salty now.


Costume speciall passive feature is cool! Hope to see it on other families too like Guardians!

Grimble and Evelyn are much needed buffs.

Rayne moving from average to fast is SUPER… gotta chase her now.

Teddy? Who is Teddy? Anyway they seem to have gotten a nice boost!

Overall its a mixed update… several legends got nice buffs and as usual strong heroes got stronger.


Not at all. I forget who I trade Balur for… but I’d much rather have Arco/Ludwig/Quintin over him.

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I assume typo, “September 2023” should be “December 2023”?


Special become 500% on average speed still meh


He’s still not amazing, however, he’s at least somewhat useable now, personally not going to trade him anymore as on defenses he hit way harder than I thought he would tbh, before buff.


Completely missed Rayne going to Fast. She may now move up in my order of Darks to level


They did also buff Evelyn’s costume back to the original (albeit also buffed her base), they didn’t revert the other stuff though, however… I will take it and “close” my buff request thread.

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cAthena’s SE value has just gone up with the Dispel.

And they really want to make Lysanor the best reviver huh?

Wonder how much hp boost does Xnol/cXnol give per cast?

Edit : Never mind, saw that it’s 10% boost. Makes him interesting again…

Edit 2 : Does the dispel on Special ignore Taunt?


Isn’t it obvious, the next COE is coming, so of course the newer heroes are updated. What’s surprising is rayne becoming fast

My Thoughts

I wish they reverted Blossom’s skill to her beta version vs increasing her heal even more :slightly_frowning_face: The immunity to buffs would’ve really helped her stand out more, vs being so vanilla

& I’m trying not to take it personally that the only new CoK 5* I pulled was Torben, and he has absolutely no changes to his SS, while all of his peers did (even the [arguably] more OP ones).

I’m ecstatic about Rayne, as I feel that’s the only buff on here that will be significant enough to make a huge difference in a hero. Going from a 5* I couldn’t justify mats for, to possibly getting one of my next sets

Happy about the addition of a passive for the HOTM, but being relegated to costumes only feels like a missed opportunity to breathe new life into some old heroes. But whatever, I’ll take the win.

Ghealach and Frond most definitely didn’t need a buff :sweat_smile: (and while we’re on the subject: Xiamara neither)

Nadezhda feels a bit random lol but I’ll take a slightly larger revive chance I guess… but that first SS is still just as bad as it was.

I ignore S4 almost exclusively now, and these adjustments aren’t enough for me to change that.

Pirates also feels, meh. I don’t see this being enough to make any of em good.

Do appreciate my Grimble and Evelyn getting their damage boost, as their SS are timeless, but the damage has been falling behind. Reuben I imagine still sucks. Balur too. Hanitra, not enough of a change. And Perseus without costume will still suck too.


It’s not the worst balance update I’ve ever seen. Not the best either. But least there’s a solid mix of good and bad, and at this point, I’ll take that as a win :+1:


I was debating to work on ultrox or grimble…well grimble wins
Ultrox can wait

In fact costumed Zimkitha will get no passive since she has already dispel all the buffs with her special skill. Maybe it’s better to set her CLEANCE not dispel since costumed Zimkitha is much more playable hero than original one?


I like that passive to the old HOTM’s
And with their recent buff on costume bonuses, some of these are quite good now.
Predictable and unnecessary buffs of new power-houses. Fine, ok, I understand…

But also like that they buffed both original and costumed version of some HOTM’s, that helps.