December 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

LOL that was too funny for me not to reply lol. But you are exactly right. The “buffs” are so bad I dont think they should even count as buffs.

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another lesson to:

because this won’t stop.

the cycle is: 1. strong heroes released > 2. prepare stronger heroes > 3. release heroes from step 2, nerf heroes from step 1 and other miscelanous stuff/dust in your eyes > 4. repeat entire cycle in an infinite loop

conclusion: game willl rollout only new “caught” players for their money + some whales + some addicted to their already spent money. for how long?.. not that long,… zzzz


This Matilda nerf didnt make a OP Hero balanced, it will make a balanced and fun Hero useless.

You Just nerfed the fun Out of a hero, the same as you keep on doing with your entire Game…


SG: gee, we were hoping you wouldn’t notice the inconsequential pity buffs to outdated heroes and the constant adjustments to 1-2 month old heroes, because we’ve just flooded beta with 20 new heroes to test anyway!


Ridiculous update… where are the buffs? Follow a nerf with some good buffs and maybe we’ll see the positive side… I am done spending…


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matilda isn’t OP and doesn’t need nerf. come on SG… you are so funny


The cats are the problem with M&M. They’re just snipping on loose ends and not addressing the main problem
Matilda got a huge nerf, but for me it actually doesn’t matter enough that I get upset about it. As long as they don’t touch the DOT amp. So I guess she needs to work for for her niche now? She is ‘balanced’ for sure, but they balanced the ‘fun’ hero
I knew it, the g panther nerf was coming. But I doubt this would even matter. If the problem is multiple copies of g panther on defence, the fix is sort of easy. Just turn it into single target, so you keep the integrity of the 64% but it hits lesser targets, it would still serviceable for titans.
I worry for c Dom now. She will be the next one on the chopping block. And if one of them got the nerf, everyone gets the nerf for consistency

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And by the way people can say goodbye to jove already, there are teams fielding multiple copies of him. He will end up like g panther


Reuben- who cares. He’s so bottom of the barrel weak to begin with.

Lady locke- needs to be more, scaling DOT needs to be removed because it too slow in this meta

These are bare minimum buffs for very random old heroes


20 characters of no!

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Thanks for the solid play by play lol. I’m willing to bet the conversation went very similar to that actually.

■■■■■■ end to the year. Horrendous update, terrible hotm. At least Queen Anne will be spared from the outrage when Jan balance kicks in.


U re clown stop Money

‘slightly overpowered heroes’ getting Nerf, ok, but what about the extremely overpowered heroes’???
Anne deals over 3000 damage to Limit Broken, max emblemed 5* heroes AND stops them from using skills. This is at FAST Speed. Literally stupid.
Should be Slow or Average (with big damage reduction).
Also KHUFU killing all heroes on a team with one special fired is also stupid!!!

What are the developers thinking???

And for Buffs, there are so many more that needed HUGE buffs but again, ignored.
Papyros, Boss Wolf, Lughaig, Noor and Caitlin for some examples.
All terrible and practically useless in today’s meta.

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No, he will be around for a while. They still haven’t even put his event in beta, let alone release it. So his real portal hasn’t even had a chance to start making money yet. So my prediction is this:

  • Jove will stay as-is for the time being.
  • His event and portal will be released.
  • But because SG drip-released only a few of the Masquerade heroes for the first portal opening, sales will be lower than predicted as players wait for more heroes to release.
  • Jove and the whole Masquerade family will get a massive buff just before the portal opens for a second time to stimulate sales.
  • The third or fourth time the portal has been around, sales will have peaked and begun to drop off.
  • SG will wait 2-3 weeks after that final portal appearance closes to give everyone who got him time to level him up, apply emblems, and limit break him - to ensure the mats are spent
  • Then, and only then will SG nerf him so hard he becomes useless, so that you will be forced to buy more mats, aethers, food, feeders, etc. And also to force you to pull for the next OP hero they have lined up.

Remember, you can’t have the old ones remain relevant if you want people spending on the new, and just power creep alone is no longer enough. You have to go two-pronged and do power creep while also nerfing the old to ensure a bigger gap.

But there is no point in nerfing the hell out of a hero until all the money possible has been extracted from the whales. You want to max the spend for each and every hero, flooding the game with new ones is also not enough. But once spending for a hero has peaked, then yeah, of course you must nerf, to kick start the next spending cycle.

This is also why Anne didn’t get a nerf. She’s going to be featured at least once more in Challenge Festival I, so they can’t nerf until they stop featuring her or they will undercut all the spending that would otherwise occur.

Once again, and as it always is, every single one of these “balance” adjustments are purely about bank balance, not game balance.


This is 100% spot on. I have said very similar multiple times, and SG keep proving us right.


Top defenses was already ahead of the nerf curve by replacing M&M with Waterpipe, and rightfully so due to pipe being the better of the 2 IMO.

All the complaints about M&M ultimately only hurt the lower and mid tier players.


She’s far far from useless :joy:

I mean the nerf just means you can’t necessarily put people in never ending mindless attack. Which happened when you had 3 fiends up usually.

Now there’s a chance they might escape but that’s not really the strength of her anyway. With a few choice heroes the strength is the extra damage DoT does. And it’s seriously powerful.

I have a dupe Matilda and I’m still going to level her.


I’m just sad for matilda. On the heels of Xnolphod… At some point… I need to file a restraining order because they are targeting me.