December 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Please share your thoughts on the latest balance changes!


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I do not think that M&M needed a nerf but at least they did not destroy her as they did with Krampus

Rubben might be a bit more useful and that is a big might


I like that they buffed Reuben, hes my favorite hero artwork in the game…though I feel that its still not enough, he deserve a 280-300% damage, a buff is still a buff so I take it.


The Guardian Panther nerf took long enough. Everyone saw that coming.
I’m intrigued by the change to Morlovia heroes. If a buff isn’t stolen, do you still do 100% damage?


At least be honest. You’ve released too many OP heroes lately but some of them were so ridiculous they never were switched.

• marlovia family bonus:
At least only nerfed the 3 heroes bonus. It’s okay.

• miriam:
Well… can’t deny she was Op. But the hardest thing to deal is her minions abilities so… well you tried at least.

• marlovia steal buff passive nerf:
Well… that were the crap stars. Why nerf vanda, Valeria, vlad that are kinda fishy to mediocre only because alucard and miriam & kitty are overpowered???.. i NEVER understood WHY you nerf entire families because of ONE hero. Like you did to Magic heroes because of Milena and Xmas because of C Krampus. Thats ridiculous.

• matilda nerf:

• guardian panther:
The main problem is and always was the 280% damage to all at fast. You nerfed her only because people are complaining but even a BLIND person knows it WON’T change anything.

• old heroes buff:
2 heroes (lol) better than nothing but nothing to really say about it.

Another so so balance update. You won’t fix this totally broken balance with that kind of poor balance mini updates.


Sad to see the mana decrease on family bonus, but maybe these old costumes should just move to the full costume bonus? Not sure why like c. Frank , Franince, Vanda, etc are still running these horrid costume bonuses (same applies to s2 and s3 heroes). Time to just get rid of these different levels of costume bonus.

We needed more balances to old heroes, those were good ones to choose cause Rueben was never good and needed it badly, but Lady Locke has aged poorly. A simple fix is also to revisit base forms when costumes are made (ahem Perseus was a huge missed opportunity).


Only 1 word needed: Disappointing

I’ll still explain since they might actually read this. Release very strong heroes that beta players warned you for, nerf them a month later along with already weak heroes.

Only 2 old heroes getting a teeny tiny buff while there are like 300 other old heroes waiting for buffs that could justifiable be 5 times higher than these.

And you guys still need to update your balancing FAQ since this hasn’t been true in a very long time:


This really needs to happen. Maybe that’s the reason for the family nerf. :crossed_fingers:


I take issue with them referring to Rueben as a fan favorite.


Will the 10% drop in panther’s EDD really make much of a difference?


So stupid and predictable. Why did they need to nerf Matilda? How do they determine this OP character is deserving of a nerf vs this OP character. Easy to nerf heroes that won’t come around for another year after you again trick people into spending money to get these heroes. Trash


LOL and in typical fashion, SG nerfs multiple heroes after the portal ends. M&M was the only real issue in that portal. But instead of just nerfing her, you nerf the entire family. Then you nerf GP, but not in a way that will likely change anything. And to top it off, you “buff” 2 older heroes, in such a manner that it will change nothing. Both of them are still terrible. You only “buffed” them, so you could pretend you are trying to balance heroes. A ton of players said this exact thing would happen, and here we are yet again. I am so tired of being right. I dont have M&M, and I find her hard to beat, but I still didnt want her or any of the marlovia heroes nerfed. Why? Because players should get what they paid for, and SG should listen to beta. Why dont more players want to hold SG accountable? The bait and switch nonsense needs to end. SG needs to actually listen to beta testers. And why on earth cant SG give us our mats and items back after they significantly nerf heroes? So many players left after the Telluria Vela nerf, as well as C-Krampus nerf, and more again (but not as significant) after the unnecessary Xnophod nerf. Not just because they nerfed them, but because they nerfed them, and didnt give a crap about the ascension materials/items/resources used on those heroes. So take a look at the nerfs, and then take a look at the new heroes, and the ones in beta, and tell me you think SG is nerfing to maintain game balance lol.


Sad how constant balance updates should’ve bring joy to the community… but it does not. The first ones where VERY cool. When they focused in old heroes. Now it’s just nerfing the old OP heroes to sell more new OP heroes and buff 1 or 2 random old heroes.

Why they always ruin everything…? :confused:


These “nerfs” aren’t a surprise to anyone and aren’t over the top in my opinion. They didn’t completely destroy the heroes like they did to Telluria but adjusted them to make them not OP. When all the top alliances switch to one tank (aka MM) it’s not a surprise she’ll get a hit. Guardian Panther was a long overdue adjustment.

The buffs are always welcome!

LOL @ the “nerf” to guardian Panther! Like that is going to do anything to stop the double c Panther flanks from killing you by turn three of a match. The problem is the insane 280% to all at fast mana! The second hit after the defense debuff would still kill you at -34% defense. Meanwhile Anne and Jove will continue to wreak havoc untouched.


i guess we’ll be stuck with purple tanks forever.
everything shines in other colours and starts introducing verity will get nerfed permanently.

and the buff section is a sad joke. only two heroes got buffed out of the countless candidates in need of buffs?


Stop with the nerfs.


NO one needed a buff more than Reuben. Now that he is buffed THIS much, there are probably no more than six heroes who need a buff more than Reuben.

Reuben: before, the lutefisk of 5* heroes. Now, the kale of 5* heroes.

(I still use Reuben in red-heavy lineups, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one.)

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I can name at least 2 heroes undoubtly the top, Salmon Loki and Mok-Ar, after that probably debatable if Rueben was #3, and I say he NEEDED this bad lol