📯 [December 2020] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 3 (Valhalla)

I did one summon today. Got Lord Loki.


@bip Fwiw, I have maxed Fura, and she’s handy for Trials.

Also, here are my three coins pulls this Valhalla event. Would’ve liked a S3 4* but just not lucky this time.

Happy holidays!

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You are lucky. She has been a talk of the town.

Happy holidays and better luck next time. Cheers…

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Valhalla has been strangely feeling a lot like Atlantis for me, in that doing Normal and Hard and accumulating the needed 100/200 coins is giving me nothing but duplicate S1 heroes with a few 3* S3 heroes. The only 4* heroes pulled are Sumle (who I really should work on and use) and Jott.

Atm, the game could give me Jarvur, Nordri, or Kvasir since they’re the only 3* heroes I’m currently missing to follow through the tradition of the game only ever giving me duplicates of every 3* hero before a new hero. And I’m in need of Almur minimum and with the provinces of Season 3 coming to an end, I guess there isn’t going to me a second dump of 4* and 3* heroes for this summon either (because Helheim, for example, doesn’t have a 3* hero).

And with Season 4 already being thrown into a concept phase this quickly, I already expect that, too, to be a sea of nothing but duplicate S1 3* heroes before any of the newer heroes. But we’ll wait to see what that’ll be when it’s out of beta.

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Wrong blue for me too…i thin ivwanna feed him to my krampus hopefully the final offer ibcan pull better 5 star valhalla…


I use Fenrir a lot. He’s my #3 blue if I go 3-2. Give him a test ride before you throw him away.


Thank you for the free Christmas present SG! Merry Christmas :heart:


5 pulls so far, got second Skadi. Would ascend her except I have Glenda, Misandra and Fenrir waiting, so…


Did a 10 pull for Christmas as a little gift to myself and could not be happier, maybe the first time I’ve had 2 5*s in a 10 pull

Full disclaimer though I threw around 12k gems I had saved up at the portal yesterday and didn’t get a single 5* RNG gonna RNG :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the dupe sif

This is the end of the road for me.

Thanks you guys for all the good times in the forum.

I need to stop this that is going to nowhere. I hope the best for you all


Nooo! Don’t go! I’d trade that Sif for something! Not that I have much to give but… don’t go :crying_cat_face:


Thanks Gwi , its not for sif obviously . I need to stop this im kind of hooked up to this. Its consuming me lot of time and money and i dont work to go F2P (because i will want to spend money) and the time i will spend in game will be the same. I wish you the best !

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Off topic for @Lexxtarc Well, if the game doesn’t reward you with more enjoyment than frustration, then I can understand why you would want to stop. I’m playing for over 2 years and I had my fair share of moments that got me so close to quitting. The best friend I had in game also stopped playing (in her case due to having a baby), but it helped the fact that I have my hubby and a real-life friend also playing. Tho I can see them getting somewhat frustrated and annoyed lately. It’s mostly the same ol’ problems: a ton of farming and either no heroes, either no mats.
Eitherway, I wish you a Merry Xmas, lots of health and happiness! And cookies!

On topic: coins gave me x2 Sudri and a Stonecleve. All dupes, fed them to Carol.


4 coin pulls, got Norns. I know she sucks but still an S3 5* from 4 pulls.


what did you wish for the 5star valhalla? just dun understand getting 5star valhalla became end of the road for you?

She is purely offensive hero but I find her good, not A grade good but still good. Besides she was buffed twice since the release and even on defense she can be lethal (her special hurts quite a bit). And on offense, in yurple teams she won me many wars and she made later parts of NT manageable.

My first post on the Forum. I always hesitated to post here, but it is so rediculous, that I need to show off a little.
Today i did 13 pulls, all of them with saved valhalla coins. First pull was a Skadi. I was already pretty happy at that point. My 12th pull was Tyr. Number 13 was Lord Loki. Rediculous, isn’t it?
Then I ran out of coins for my 14th pull. So I went farming those missing coins. I hesitated to pull, because I believed that I already ran out of luck. In the end, of course I pulled. And it was Heimdall…
So 14 pulls for 4 times S3 5* heroes. And not one dupe. Rediculous isn’t it?
Merry christmas to everyone! Stay healthy and praise the RNGesus!


TY SG xmas gift with 3 pulls!! maybe ill save the next offer coins for next month…


When you’re first pull is a 5*, go hard or go home I guess, best Christmas gift ever!


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