Decay time

It’s possible to be this the problem

At what time the decay time in your alliance is currently? The outage last for 4 hours 40 minutes.

I will check on my alliance tommorow.

I don’t know now. We waiting to see today and tomorrow.

I can confirm that the server outage in August changed the Titan spawn time, basically the whole game went on hold for a bit over four hours and the resumed. So that is what you are observing

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Our titan spawn stay the same. Will see about titan decay in few hours…

Maybe you are referring to titan spawn time? The full circle is 23 hours (22hs + 1 in between), so it changes every day.

No it is the decay time not spawn time.

The spawn cycle length is 23 hours 7 seconds:
22 hours active titan,
1 hour delay,
7 seconds server lag.

Decay time is defined as the time when 5% titan score decrease appear.

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I answered before reading all the posts. I have done that now.

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Now we have the decay at 18:38, first at 15:50, so 2h 50 min to late

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Thank you, know that we observed the titan score we se that it to late

My alliance titan decay time appear normal, it just have 6 minutes gap since the last time I checked it back at 18 July (as expected with 6-7 seconds server lag per day).

When ther server outage come we already defeated the titan. Maybe it only affect the alliance with active titan at that time?

Maybe your decay was in a hour that the game don’t was blocced. If you have the deccal at 6 am, I think that don’t change. Only to the alliance that have the decay on the hour they il servers didn’t works

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Yes, that could be the cause.

The server outage last from 10.36 UTC to 15.16 UTC.

Is this UTC?

No, it’s România hour

That means right in the middle of the outage.

It is the most probable explanation, maybe another person with titan decay time in the middle of the outage can confirm it.

I thought it worked on a 23 hour rotation or something because last week ours was spawning at 4 am and last night it was 11:00 or something… That’s the only way it would be fair to everyone surely?

We are talking about decay time, not spawn time…

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Thanks for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face: