Decay time

Hy everyone! The hour when it’s the decay it’s change? First our decay was 15:50 now it’s to late.

What is decay time??

Uh I don’t know how explain. When the titan score change every day

The start of the new day in the game I think he means.

Used to be something like 2am UK time

Hmm I think that any alliance have a different hour… But I see that it’s change

It delayed by few seconds each day, I have researched that. Wait a moment I’ll get the link…

Here it is:

Titan spawn time also have 7 seconds server delay.


Ok thank you. I wanna understand how it’s works :slight_smile:


Ok thank you, but we have a few hour to wait. First was atv15:30 our hour, now it’s 18, 19, we waiting to understand

Yes, it is different for each alliance based on when the alliance was first formed. :slight_smile:

That I know. But this month something it’s change

At what date it was 15.30 and what date it is 19?

Maybe due to Daylight Savings Time. I can’t think of anything else. :slight_smile:

Could also be caused by the last server outage (they even have to roll back it). I have not recheck my alliance titan decay time after that incidence.


Yes, that’s also a good possibility. :slight_smile:

10 august. I know because we kill the titan after decay

Is it the one with 15.30?

We noticed that the change it’s from that day. It’s possible

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Yes the decay was at 15:30

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The great server outage was at 12 August.