🏅 [Dec 29, 2019] 37th Raid Tournament! — 4* Buff Booster, All Elements

I’m thinking this defence but I have max emblemed Sabina and Grimm. Should I be leaving them out?

I would definitely replace Kiril with Grimm… Besides, 2 healers in the centre are so easy to defeat…

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Healing Over Time as the Costumed Mel’s…is considered a buff?


20 characters

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Ok…so HoT+def buff to all Allies for Costumed Mel: he’s going to be my Tank; so hard renouncing to +48% of Att from Boldy…but we’ve got to make choices :wink:

Btw, have a look here -> 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments



@Math4lyfe @Murphy

Argh indecision. My main concern is tank. Buddy’s a good tank, but I have a number of heavily emblemmed heroes who could go there too. Proteus at +18? BT at +14? Kiril at +12? GF at +18? He’s the tankiest but w/o other reds to back him seems not useful. [sigh] I do this every week

@Scarecrow @Olmor @zephyr1: thoughts? (Other than that I have decision avoidance issues? :smile:)


This is what I am considering for this tournament. Any comments/suggestions? :slight_smile:

Yes, Triton instead Kiril.


Done. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Hi @Scarecrow, and anyone else who would like to comment, do you have any comments on this defense?

Other choices I have by color:
Sonya +14 (but I already have 2 dispellers), Kiril +9 (but I already have 2 healers), Grimm +13
Proteus +19 (but I prefer Sabina’s dispel), Cyprian +1 (too few emblems…)
Melendor +8 (but I already have 2 healers)
Gormek +9, Lancelot +14 (considering only because he gives 2 buffs)
No yellow options

did not consider slow heroes.

But I think this lineup gives a good balance of buffers, dispellers. And I don’t want more than 2 healers.


Btw, if I like a post, I like the screenshot/defense :slight_smile:


thanks :slight_smile: Happy to get your stamp of approval!

My freakshow team will get a chance to proof themselves :slightly_smiling_face:


Oof. Better :confused: but Scarlett and buddy will overwrite… different speeds so it might be ok if that is all you got. Not sure red flanking green tank is a stellar choice either.

Geeez. I sound super critical. I’m sorry.


I’ve finally pull the trigger for this.

Ok, no heavy emblemed heroes and nor levelled troops here; but I think the Team synergies for this particular Tournament’ rule are good…or the best I can achieve at least! :sweat_smile:

Costumed Mel: not a natural Tank; but quite solid with costume’ bonuses stats+2 buffs= 40% Att bonus to all.

Costumed Tibs and Liu: consistent DtA+Def debuff+mana cut; IMO pretty annoying Flanks, even at average speed.

Triton and Sonya: heavy and fast blue (expecting red stacks sgainst Mel) snipers+healing bonus % and dispell; 1 buff= 20% Att bonus to all.

This was my thinking this time; cross my fingers, and prepare for my attacks! The thing I like most after all!!! :joy::joy::joy::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Still thinking about it. Have Kiril+9 Cyprian+14 Boril+18 Sabina+18 Merlin+18 Scarlett+18 Kelile+10. Can rush Triton to +9.
Triton+9 Caedmon+17 Boldtusk+20 LiXiu+9 Sonya+18
Triton+9 Caedmon+17 Boldtusk+20 Sonya+18 Chao+18

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Thank you so much for your help.
But I am really not sure…
What could be the better defence…?

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