🏅 [Dec 22, 2019] 36th Raid Tournament! — 3* Rush Attack, No Dark/Purple

Not beast, not even close. Just the best rare tank.

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My both accounts on leaderboard. Ahooo! Ahooo! Ahooo!


Day 0: I agonize over going with a mono-yellow defense or to use Bauchan. I finally go with Bauchan, flanked by 2 Mnesseus.
Day 1: I do not get attacked. Lol. I go 3-2 on my own attacks, rush battle doesn’t allow for a comeback if your tiles don’t come initially.
Day 2: I suddenly go 5-0 on attacks, 3 very easy boards, 2 hard ones. My defense loses the first battle and I almost despair at having an E defense because of rng but then they win the next 3.
So I don’t have to buy back just yet and my defense looks good for an A going forward. Top 5%.

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Sorry…that was a typo: Belith and Muggy should change places of course! :blush:

Belith belongs to the left so she can dispell opponents buffs before your heros fire.

Oh, my apologies, Scarecrow. I’m new in here,and thought I was addressing Support type folks, not simply snarky snipers who know nothing and contribute less to answering my question.

If SG Support DOES read these posts, I’d like to know more about the algorithms that drive some of the events I’ve been involved with. I’ve had a few instances where I gain mana much FASTER than I should (not a speed Mana event,no buffs, etc.) Unfortunately, the device I play on doesn’t allow me to take video shots of game play, so it’s hard to prove.

Thanks all!

There are various ways to gain mana faster. One is troops, however that would not work in this tournament as you are restricted to 3* heroes. Another is leveling a costume as it gives you a 5% increase once fully leveled. Emblems help too as you can have an additional 2% or 4%, depending on your class. Another is through special skills as depicted below. I can’t think of another way off the top of my head, but wouldn’t swear I’ve captured them all.

The best way to tell is to share video or images so we can see the exact scenario. Without that, there is only limited help we can provide.


5 of same family- Sakura family believe

  • Could be a different family, I’m wicked tired as I just got home from a 6 hr family Xmas Eve party with a bunch of my fam getting drunk lol. I’ve been sober almost 4 years so it’s actually hard to deal with at some points - all in all it was a great time tho!
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Day 2


I won 4, bringing me to 8-2 overall.

I actually lost to a Bane tank again, though it was a function of Emblems and a board where I managed to set off almost every opponent before I charged my Special Skills more than Bane in particular. I almost managed to heal, but Melia finished off half the team that was damaged from snipers.


I was attacked a fair amount today, and I’m at 11-7 overall now, after several losses today.

That puts me at a 61.1% win rate, and still an A Defense Grade — for now, anyway.


I’m currently in the Top 5%.


Day 2

Sun’s Shining A Bit Brighter

After a poor performance yesterday, my defense went on a 4 raid winning streak bringing me up to a B. That makes the outlook much more brighter. Not to mention I went 4-1 only losing to the team below (I thought I had them until Ulmer went off and killed 4 simultaneously, but I still got 4 of them - not Ulmer).

The teams I’m facing are all between 500 and 510 points today which is quite high. Killing 24/25 heroes faced is nice. Left me in the top 1% at the end of the day. And with my defense back up at B, I’m starting to believe again.

Day Win Loss Def Points
1 5 0 0-3 E 2,412*
2 9 1 4-3 B 5,266

-* Adjusted for defense score (even if that’s :zero: :man_shrugging:).


Day 2

  • Offense: 5-0 (9-1)
  • Defense: 1-5 (7-9, C)

Better on offense but worse on defense :man_shrugging:

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Day 3, Christmas day.

Offense: off to a bad start with a loss but managed to win all my others, putting me at 12-3 win-loss. So kinda sketchy right now, but might be able to do okay if I continue or decently (maybe top 10% if I don’t). Haven’t decided yet.

Defense: noooooo my flawless streak! I lost one fight! Still A rank. :joy:


At first I just want to wish everyone:
Merry Christmas!

It‘s a little bit difficult for me today speaking about raids, foughts and so on.

Rank: Top 50
Attack: 6-2 ( have forgotten to fight)
Def: 9-9 ( 18 times attacked after two days; that is something new)


Due to one horrible board, I lost my chance to no.1 But still shining up there, among those 2900 :slight_smile:


Had to continue, but nevertheless top 1%, 11:4 on att and def A 9:3.

Rushs are a lot of fun imo, but I always lose against fast tanks.


When you lose, you do heroically, all or nothing :joy:


Day 3: Defense holds strong, 2 more wins so far (5-1 in total). 4-1 on attacks (12-3 overall), Ulmer+20 is a deadly tank if you don’t get the tiles to kill him quickly. Top 1%.


Through 3 days of attacks I stand at 13-2, both losses went to poorly constructed defense that brought with them terrible boards.

Defense holding A first 2 days. Won 2, lost 2, won 2 more.


What did I tell you 3 days ago? I know how good a defense is in the first 2 seconds I look at it :slight_smile:

You didn’t hope even for C. I told you it is easy B…

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Well I remember. It was your words gave me hope cause, like it or not, you usually legit.


Same thing different day .won 4 and lost one each day…match on first day was crazy against 3 Namahage…2 of them emblemed +20. Missing some tiles in the end…they hit me…over 1k damage crazy. :crazy_face:


my defense turned with maximum altitude from E to A :joy: after first day where I only got attacked once and lost. :unamused:

2:1 E A A

Top 5%. Right now. Buying continue will ensure top 1%. I’ m pretty confident.

Sadly I did not get my Mini-Athena working :cry: Together with Belith alone she’s too passive. If at least she would do lousy, 100% dmg to all. Right now I always prefer Ulmer to her.
In a green mono stack (did it once) she is obsolete as the tiles do so much damage. The rest itself is done by the hitters…no matter her curse is on or not…may be in a 3 heroes stack…An effect hat is so devastating in 5* land and is great with titans with the real Athena simply doesn’t work in 3*. You don’t have the time to dumb tiles and increase the effect…its just raw killing in 3*. Disappointed.

Most used attacking heroes:

Red: Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Bauchan
Blue: Ulmer, Gato, Gato (sometimes double to protect all)
Green: Belith, Berden, Carver (Isshtak, Berden, Brienne-costume)

It’s obvious that Gato & Berden are my most loved 3* snipers.


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