🎭 [Dec 21, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Did a x10 pull looking for Magni, Joon , Kadilen or Kiril(my only missing costume 4☆ ).

As expected from this portal i got crap(it has always been the worst to me in terms of retribution) i have spent more than others portals but with less luck than others, i call this portal “the cleaner” i feel my luck here is such bad that i reset the system and then i get luck in future portals Valhalla or Atlantis. Superstition, maybe but it worked before.


Tyrum x2
Fiar truck
Little John
Bane x2

All dupes, all went to my Garnet stomach lol

Better luck for you guys


Did 2 pulls with keys, want to save the rest for january

Got caedmon and boldtusk, both costumes I didn’t have before :smiley:

I will stop pulling now, 2 pulls 2 4* I didn’t have, that’s more than you can expect :slight_smile:


I seem to have tapped into a limitless supply of Banes, Beliths Azars and Tiburtus’. This really is dreadfully implemented to be unfair to people who didn’t spend at the beginning and now there is little if any incentive to even try. Setting fire to a handful of money and running around the house screaming would be more rewarding.


Yet another fruitless costume chamber… Still Horghall is my only 5*… My worst portal in the game, even Atlantis gave me 2. :man_shrugging:t2:


@Slobix My costume 5 :star: = 0
My Atlantis 5 :star: = 0
Be happy you still have something!


Wait… What… so there no new costumes? :thinking::woman_shrugging:


True… However, in the past I did summon. Like a lot. :joy:
At least I hope you didn’t spend much, that mistake I did make. :see_no_evil:

Nop! Sunt prea saraca! I did buy the VIP a few times , but that’s about it! :smile_cat:


I’ve just made a comparison… In the same time period, I did have approximately the same number of pulls in Valhala portal and costume chamber, every month. Valhala gave me 8 legendary heros, costumes 1. Having said that, not sure if I should ever try anything but exclusively free pulls here. Why trying? :man_shrugging:t2:


Because we keep on hoping we’ll get the heroes we dream of!
‘Hope dies last’

Its the same to me Slobix. Same pulls every month. Valhalla gave me:

Fenrir, Skadi, Vivica, richard, Odin, sif.

Costume chamber ?

A costume richard there in February.

I call this portal ‘the cleaner’ we sacrifice here the bad luck to make other portals better lol


I actually didn’t count if I’ve got any S1 hero during Valhala… Maybe there was some. So it could be even worse. :joy:


I already have C.Magni so I guess it’s probably not worth it to go for C.Domitia (especially since I already have 4 Reuben’s taking up roster space :sweat_smile:). The ones I really want are C.Joon, C.Lianna, and C.Viv (so I can finally give myself a reason to ascend 3/70 Viv lol).

Got 20 keys saved up atm.


2 saved pulls gave me Renfeld and Kadilen. Already had her but not the costume so that’s good.
Halfway through The Masquerade and I got Li Xui who’ve I’ve wanted for a while. Already have her maxed and her costume is a rogue which I’m still very short of so I think she’ll be going to the head of the yellow queue now. 2 more rounds to go and that will equal one more pull.


You’re a beast. I got only 99 costume keys saved for when the new costume heroes arrive. Hope I can then net Kadilen, Vivica, Azlar and Kiril’s costumes as really wanted them (not so much on Sartana although I have the hero maxed but does not see action for several months now), as well as Leo’s and Marj’s.

Other than Kiril’s costume, I also don’t have LJ’s. They are the only 2 epics’ costume I don’t have.


I was excited to get her last chamber and maxed her right away. Her mana drain is helpful for rogue trials but other than that she has been disappointing unfortunately. Mine has no emblems though, maybe that matters. :man_shrugging:

Hope you find better luck with her than I did. :crossed_fingers:


I have bad luck, no matter which portal. Most of my 5* come from TC20. I have:

TC20: Kadilen, Elkanen, horghall and Lianna, Leonidas (2*), Justice, Quintus, Obakan, Thorn, Marjana and Elena. I have leveled Leonidas, Marjana and Elena.

Costume: Vivica (at 3/70, both versions. Will max when I have leveled Mist and Gullinbursti)
S2: Mok-Arr, twice. Maxed one, the other one will go into HA10 in a few months (at HA5 at the moment)
Events: none
S3: Skadi
HotM: telluria and now Reuben.

Will skip this portal and hoard my keys for next time, as I have most of the 3* and 4*. Missing only berden and ishhtak, and boril and boldtusk. The 3* will come eventually. Would really like a BT for the boost and extra monk healer, but I like the chance on something new when the new costumes come.


Not taking into account 5*, i have every single hero from costume chamber but two. Of course, the two most important and best costumes of all, Rigard and Kiril. Obviously, i’ll never manage to pull them.
4 pulls from keys, Melendor, Kashhrek, Hawkmoon, Gunnar. All fed but Melendor, more copies of a healer can always be useful. I would try a 10 pull, but at this point i’ll wait for January: since my luck with the costumes i want is missing in action, at least there will be a little chance to not pull 10 useless dupes.


Well, all those pulls gave me all 3* and 4* heros, which is good. So I’m waiting for new ones as well. Probably only pulls in foreseeable future. :slight_smile:

I got my first 5* costume, Horghall from free pull. At first, I was like… meh, but my green ‘tank’ is Kadilen and Horghall (C) should be an improvement, I think and he should rock as tank on very fast wars. Anchor’s rank of him as tank is A, same as Yunan or LotL, so I got my green tank, I guess. Also I can make him average mana with lvl 24 mana troop and costumed mana bonus.