🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Yup, same. Was very disappointed they made them interchangeable. Especially that after the reworked summoning odds and featured heroes, Tavern is great place to summon. I think they could easily squeeze them in. But well, nobody asked us for opinion before they made the change. :roll_eyes:


I know. I finished the first NT. Problem is, I don’t have the flask needed to complete it on this same first day.

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They just bought the flasks last event and didn’t use it until today.

Whatever floats they boards… oops, boats, I guess.

I was rushing it last time but it didn’t bring any benefit. This month I don’t think I will - perhaps out of curiosity to see what is in the new chests - unless people start posting that on the forums.

I felt it was actually a stupid thing to finish it too early because you could not effectively measure your result against the benchmark; I was in first few hundreds when I finished then dropped to like 7000 in the end and could do nothing about it anymore. Not like I care to be competetive here, it’s probably the worst cost/reward ratio event in the game for the ranking. They did not even boost the emblem amount, after it was boosted pretty much everywhere else.

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As I think more about it, I like Ninja Tower more than Tavern of Legends.

ToL provides 2 summons and a slightly different gameplay mechanic. Those 210 Legends Coins are worth slightly more than 600 gems (100 coins for a summon or 300 gems for a summon).

Ninja Tower provides slightly over 100 Tower Coins which is worth about 300 gems and also a different gameplay mechanic. If I counted correctly you also get over 150 emblems from completion and a minimum of 30 more just for attempting one stage. Then we also get a unique opportunity to increase the value of ETT. ETT are essentially worth 50% more than usual (assuming you value all 4 star troops the same (which I know we don’t)). With separate flags, you also get extra XP, food, iron, and recruits that we normally wouldn’t get.

So from a pure rewards perspective Tavern gets you 1 more summon compared to emblems and troops. I put more value on the rewards from Ninja Tower.

We can debate a bit more about which summons portal is more valuable. Each have their benefits.

I use a max of 50 heroes in ToL, but I certainly used more during last Ninja Tower.

Not everyone will complete Ninja Tower. I’m not sure I’ll complete it this time around. It was super stressful last time around, but it was also the most exhilarating I’ve felt playing this game.

I’ve officially changed my opinion this morning: Ninja Tower > Tavern of Legends.


I just calculated the number of emblems we can get from this event. Is there any reason we get 30 cleric and monk emblems if we complete all 50 stages, but only 3 wizard emblems?

Numbers taken from Cap’s infographic

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Does everyone get the same emblems from each stage? I just played the first stage and got a cleric emblem not Sorcerer per Cap’s guide.

I got one emblem for each of the first nine stages:
1 Cleric
2 Rogue
3 Cleric
4 Sorcerer
5 Fighter
6 Cleric
7 Paladin
8 Paladin
9 Sorcerer

Yeah still got mine from the last one.

I’m just gonna play what I can just doing a few levels here and there having trails today was probably handy as just 3 rounds and doing a few on ninja tower don’t seem as bad.

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As of this writing, 11 players have completed NT. Though not in the top 10, Isildur, who is already ready to enter the 50th level, is posed to overtake the top 1 spot. But then again, i do think it will still be overtaken.

Isn’t the summon cost 350 gems?

I think you’re referring to ToL summons? Perhaps. If it is then the Summary of Portal Statistics needs to be updated.

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As someone who has already managed to fail on a level on the first day, I have no realistic expectations to finish this, even if they do provide an energy flask again.

Last time I got past the first two or three levels with unlevelled teams, but my unlevelled team was obliterated by mobs on level one this time, making me wonder whether they have done something to make this harder, like they seemed to with ToL. I completed the first ToL with relative ease, but have not finished it since that first time, always running out of heroes and failing at the top levels, despite having more heroes generally and levelled.

I am hoping that it was just bad luck that got me wiped out on the very first level and not a case of this being made too much harder.

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Maybe I forget the cost because I never use gems on those portals…

Anyone have info how many ninja coins the 5 chest generate?

I hate myself for giving this trash event another chance.


I liked the Ninja Tower as well, as a concept. My only problem with it is the huge amount of time it takes each day to complete the 10 flags.


how is the content on the reward chest on the higher levels?

any improved odds or on ascension mats something

I completed the first 9 levels with only 3 stars and minor mana potions. I failed stage 8 because I underestimated Cobalt. I should have just used more items in the first place or used stronger heroes.

I’m currently ranked ~246K. Around a similar time of day 2 months ago and when I had completed ten levels I wasn’t even in the top 300k. Maybe people used their flask on the first day last time. Maybe less people are even bothering this time.

I’m not sure why I bother with the curses in the early levels. I have plenty of three stars to cycle through and I won’t be using them much more.

Note for next time is to either be prepared to use more minor mana pots, healing potions, or to bring stronger heroes earlier. When my 3 stars have around 700 HP, back to back 250 damage hits put me in a precarious position.

Most of these stages did not take much time so the effort required to acquire a few gems is not overwhelming.


First tower chest had 10 wizard emblems and 10 tower coins. Not too bad for 10 levels.

How are the chests after floors 20, 30, 40 and 50?
Does the loot increase or stay the same?


I’ve done up to floor 30 (including 30) so far, each one gives 10 coins + 10 different emblems each time


Floor 20 was 10 Sorcerer Emblems
Floor 30 was 10 Ranger emblems


I think so yeah at least for the first 10 levels. All I remember from last time is the damn curses would show up almost every other turn, but this time they show every 5 turns or so (again, only for the first 10 levels).

Seems too easy this time. I made it through 10 levels not getting any hero cursed. Wish they kept it as a challenge. Maybe higher levels will be harder.

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