🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Funny to hear people say they wish their game took less time to play. Must feel more like a job to some, I like long battles since I’m getting more entertainment playing for each flag.

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I have to admit that even if I didn’t get a nice ascension material I’m still glad other people did get it. It’s better than it being a reward from the first few tires, where you basically see the same people. For that, you get a big plus from me!
I’m also happy you can’t reply the leveles for a better score!
The things I don’t like, I already stated. I think I dislike the most the fact that you barely get a free summon per event.


Just a pretty lucky roll, I was fas away from being this lucky…


So my beloved tower went according to plan. Waiting in 8th position to get kicked out of T10.

Actually going to T100 rewards wouldn’t make too much difference, but I got a nice random reward instead: The free tower coins netted me a Mica!


This time around I encountered a lot less of the cursed tiles as well as allowing heroes to get cursed more often. Just didn’t care enough to waste a hundred tornadoes for security. My brother on the other hand faced cursed tiles like his account was being used as a dump site for all the missing tiles from other players lol.

Not being able to use your best heros for a challenge event because of bad luck and for no fault or bad move of your own is not enjoyable or fun. It’s dumb and lazy, not well thought out game design. Second time not even bothering with this challenge.

Maybe like taverns, each hero could only be used 3x. At least then it would be on the player to plan accordingly instead of having everything fall on dumb luck

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I finished the first time we had the tower and it was a bore that eat most of my materials. I didn’t even bother this time around. 50 floors of the same thing but different ninja sounds like as much fun as having a root canal without novocaine. No thanks!!!

Well, today I was bored (lazy sunday) and decided to play couple of stages. Actually, I’ve improved my score from the last time. However, I’ve decided to bring tornados and time stops with me. It’s a huge difference. From lvl 38 to 43 didn’t get any curse, neither I had much problems. Even though my only healer left was Boldtusk+13. Without those items I find it difficult. Way to often I found those curses in places I just can’t do anything with them. So I guess if I want to finish it next time I should have a stash of those items.

Totally agree, I used my +20 Nordri all the way through the tower even in the last 3 levels. Also my unemblemed Falcon. Gotta milk the only elemental defense down I have. :laughing: Also I was leveling Jott during this event so first time using him too and he was great. His stats improved every day of the tower too as I kept feeding him. :laughing:

Oni Curses are there to make sure only top spenders would finish the event, because you need either too many heroes or too many resources (or actually both) to finish it. Only way to try to avoid the curse is Tornado for me, because I don’t have better mats to change the boards with and at a higher levels I couldn’t avoid curse even by using all 3 tornadoes on one hero (that I didn’t want to lose), so basically I was wasting resources for nothing…
On one hand, it’s good for high spenders to have an event that is kind of satisfying because low spenders /or F2P have no chance; on the other hand as everything else in this lottery (E&P for paying players is not not a game, but a lottery), it’s not rewarding at all even for the top players/spenders because the rewards suck (not for me but for them - I would take them since I don’t pay that much to play)

*the only reason why people still spend money on this game is because they’re addicted…


Same here, this is the worst event in the game. I’ll I’ll probably skip this event in the future.


Add me to the pile of those that don’t care about the ninja tower. Good try SG but you are not getting any money from me by frustrating and infuriating me by filling the already crappy board with stones that cant be taken out way too often in a challenge that gets too after only 10 levels.
Make me a happy player and I would consider spending money.


I really like this event, it gives me real challenge but i would change the Oni curses amount for 2 to 3. Also, the dead character should not get the curse, this is my opinion. If you don’t have a big amount of tornados, it’s hard to avoid the curse sometimes.


I must say that I enjoy Ninja Tower very much. I am a ftp with a decent roster of 16 fully leveled 5* and 41 fully leveled 4*. Last time I was able to finish floor 47. I could not advance higher because I ran out of healers. This time I had one additional Boldtusk costume, Melendor costume, and Vivica. Let’s see how far I can get.

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Anything more than 2 would be fine with me. I lost my only 5* fire hero on his first outing thanks to two curses, a rubbish board and even using all my tornadoes didn’t help. :frowning:

I will keep trying as I do enjoy the challenge but having three strikes before a hero out would be nice.

I’m not a huge fan of the Ninja tower as it’s like Legends except that you have to play all your flags in one day or you lose out going up the tower. Legends, you have 3 days to finish I think 10 levels.

I did my first two days like this. The previous one I did the same, but never had enough time to use all my flags. I still have the free refill from the last time.

First 10 levels I used only 3* heroes. Used Kvasir as my main hero, always tried to go to the boss with all heroes having 3 bees. Another hero to use would be Grevle. They give you the boost for defense.The rest I would switch as the colors changed.

The next 10 levels, I used a mixture of 3* at the beginning and when I would had 3 dead in a fight, I switched to 4* and using Buddy the same way as Kvasir. The last two levels where rainbow, I added 4 x 5* and Kiril as the healer because I was getting tired and I wanted the fights to end quicker.

I haven’t done the other levels yet, but I will put Gullinbursti and only look for yellows and use the other heroes as the colors change. Later on it will be Freya or Noor. I’m hoping to play through all my flags this weekend to see what it is at the end. I would like to make it to level 50, but I think it will be only in the 30’s as it’s very long per level.

I also used all minor healths, mana potions when I needed health fast for everybody and a few time stops. I use the time stops more because I’m tired and want to finish the level faster as everybody mentioned here, the ninjas are way Over Powered and it takes sometimes 6 minutes plus to finish a level.

I don’t mind two curses, none would be better but then it wouldn’t give you a chance to try out different heroes which I do like doing. More than 2 would just be too much. I’ve probably lost a half dozen heroes. All 4* and 3/70 5*. Haven’t touched my 6 top teams yet, but it will be very very soon. :grinning:

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As many have said, I find the event very frustrating with the curses. If you use weak heroes to get through the first levels, your score is really bad (and they’re all cursed because they can’t take out the bosses fast enough), if you start out with strong heroes, by the time you get to level 30, your best ones are eliminated.

Add to this that the ninjas are just kind of all the same at this point. Yes, they have different specials, but I for one haven’t really connected who is who (except that if Cobalt or Onyx goes off at 3x, you have probably lost already).

And it is just too time consuming. By levels 21-30, it is 6-7 minutes per level, and I don’t imagine that’s getting shorter going on. (I think I made it to 35 or so last time. I’m at least on track to beat that this time, if I find the time to do it…)

I am thankful for the little chests every ten floors. This helps some with the frustration at the event.

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Avoiding curse is irritating to me. I have to make poor, inefficient board moves just to keep from losing a hero on future stages.

Maybe if clearing a curse gave some bonus like the eggs in Spring Event do, it’d be different. That feels like a bonus, especially when you let it get to 1 before clearing it, but you only take damage for not clearing it.

Too tense for my liking, so I don’t even try much to advance on the tower, and I definitely won’t use any items or spend anything to advance.

Ninja Tower… my least favorite part of E&P.

Good gaming!


This is my problem with it. I lost 4 flags yesterday just because I didn’t have the life time to use them. Now I can’t finish the tower unless I buy an energy refill. That’s weak. REALLY weak SG. Give use 50 energy on day 1 and let us use it at our own pace!!!


First this event is a grindfest with so little reward. Second, those damn curses… Just why they couldnt be programmed to not spawn in the corner in absolutely off color? That way maybe it would actually involve skill not just blind luck and goat sacrifice to not get them in the corner where unless stupid lucky the only way to remove them is a tornado which also requires luck.


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