🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

I flee from fight before my hero get cursed(the countdown). But, then i see my hero still get cursed. Is that intended or a Bug?

It is working as intended. Please read this: 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion. To be precise:

Courtesies to the @Guvnor.

Intended. Before flee your heroes must not have curses

The curses are still a ridiculous mechanic that needs to be reworked. Instead of the hero being permanently removed from the tower, maybe have a cooldown period of 48 hours before they can participate again.
Still don’t understand why NT was designed the way it is, you want to play properly because of the curses but the timer forces you to make aggressive moves and use up items. And all this trouble and resources for subpar rewards. What is the point of this event again?


Of course - money)) New summon, new OP heroes with very low odds for big spenders (but every 2 months)… And little fun (time killer) for players with wide bench of heroes (p2w and long time members)


From November 2020 v.33 release note:

If a player is defeated while an Oni Stone still has turns left, heroes will not get a permanent Oni Curse

@Guvnor @Staff_SGG, isn’t flee result in defeat? It is either a bug or incomplete release note wording.


This is why…they want you to pay up. Buy that ninja tower pack!!! LOL


Yeah, lol, beating the odds being like one to ten million only to then get 9x S1 3 stars + Gormek :laughing:


The results might be the same in that you don’t finish the level and use up one energy, but for the curse, there is a possibility that I could have removed the curse but all my heroes died before the moves could be made. In this case, it would be unfair to penalize me further by cursing the hero.

Fleeing, on the other hand, is a player choice. When there is no way to remove a curse, I can try to circumvent that by fleeing, which is not allowed.

First time this event appeared i thought it was crap but completed it anyway. This time around i actually hate it. It takes real skill to come up with something that is absolutely no fun at all and is so badly designed. And top of everything gives you absolutely no rewards worth the effort involved. I won’t even bother finishing it this time.


Most irritating and hateful event in the game. Playing it I want to delete the game. With all things of the last time I give myself one or two month. This game makes me more angry then enjoy. SG go on, you do the right thing, people should play less in such kind of game, lol!


1-30 seems okish for me after that is ``no, thank you’’.
I can spare 15 tornados for this event every 2 months. Not real desire to participate or compete whatever i can get is ok :slight_smile:

I think I’m quitting earlier than I did last Ninja Tower because I definitely made it past Stage 21. But since all my heroes died and my Hu Tao got doubled cursed, I think I’m gonna wait for Costume Chamber and maybe spend the rest of my time finishing Season 3 Hard.

I’ll just wait until the game says I deserve x5 Tower Coins I still can’t do anything with and call it a day.


This time I reached 21st floor… Ended up with best heroes cursed.
Enemies are riddiculous, three bosses with mana charge which can hit 3x times more ?
No fun here, I’m gonna take my average teams and go grind or something :rofl:


Two months ago I decide to not play the event, the general comments about the event I got was boring, too long and no reward for the required effort.
This time I decide to test it by myself. As I got no experience with the event and as I didn’t read about players strategy on NT, I decide to start with 4* heroes in 3-2 or mono team. First ten levels where easy to complete with no items. I lost one kiril at level 9(not so bad as I have 4/5 boril/boldtusk fully ascended, chacal would have been a pain). At that point I understood that tornadoes will be my best friends for this event.
At that point too, I understood that I was not ok to waste my tornadoes so I decide to stop climbing with 4* and go directly with 5*. The journey to level 20 was good.
Today it took me 18 minutes to complete 3 levels (21 to 23). I spent my time looking for the good combinations to avoid curse until I realize Grimm +20 was dead. I was so focused in this damned curse that I forgot the chamber damages. Climbing to level 27 has been a pain. I’m ranking 42078 at this time. It looks like few people are interested in this event.
To sumup:

  • Lose your tornadoes or lose your heroes quiet soon :roll_eyes:
  • Lot of strategy required to move carefully the board to handle curse but at same time board is RNG and as everybody know with this game, you often can’t win against RNG. Funny for a few minutes but after that it’s more about frustration and annoyance that fun :angry: :nauseated_face:
  • Reward are ridiculous
  • Meanwhile digging to avoid curse :yawning_face:, ninja are charging their mana so you loose heroes before triggering a single cs :woozy_face:. Mikki is great for that but I cannot manage to bring enough mana potion.

I’m done with this event :face_vomiting:, never again!
Not really true, I miss 26 coins to get a free summon. I will still have to play few levels in two months to get it and the valen/hawkmoon associated reward :star_struck:


I was reserving judgement until I got a little farther up the tower. This is my first time attempting it as I was taking a break during the first release. That being said, the votes are in. Horrible. Absolutely dreadful event. I have a pretty swell roster and the enemies make my fully leveled and emblemed purple team of five star heroes look like unleveled twos. They are waaaay too powerful waaaay too soon, it’s boring as all *?@!, and the rewards are horrendous for the amount of time, effort, and items needed. Just another way to force people to spend money on summons because no one in their right mind would blow that many items for a chance at one free Dawa. This is not competitive hard, this is stupid hard. A +19 Kunchen with full health and three freya minions should not get wiped out in two hits. And the curses?!? That’s a sick joke. Good luck clearing one that’s in the same color as the stack you brought because you know you won’t have that color anywhere on the board. And let’s add the special torture of the handicaps!! Who wouldn’t want to play this?!? Just another Sack Full of Nopes delivered by SG this holiday season.


I played it again this month enough to get to 100 tokens for…Graymane. That’s enough for me. No more ninja tower. It’s just not worth the time, effort and stress of those annoying curses. If SG gave 3-5x more tokens per level then I would think about playing it again…maybe.


Nah. Most likely you will get just 10 S1 3* hehe

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This month I actually put in the effort to complete this bs event. I’m still at level 34, still a bs event but I’m going to give my personal advice for people who want to attempt it

  1. always match tiles at the middle of the board. This is so that you can handle the curses more effectively. Sometimes it’s inevitable that a curse tile appears at the very corner, you’ll have to pray for a miracle then.
  2. always get the lantern minion blessing, 5% may not seem to much at first but you’ll realise soon how much they save your ■■■ in the later stages where there’s potent dot damage. That’s not all, because lantern minions inherit stats based on your heroes, it gets more health if your hero already has a high base health, effectively sponging up damage
  3. best blessings are attack and mana ups (obviously) and the above mentioned lantern minions

And I still use tornadoes and hurricanes along the way because I’m no sadist but I try to limit it to 1 per stage. I hope to finish this event and not ever touch it again


  1. forget about the timer, focus on clearing the curses one at a time. The more you rush because of the timer, the more you become reckless, then you lose out more

I don’t see a problem there. Fleeing in a battle would result to a defeat. Your heroes getting killed by the enemy also results to a defeat. In the latter, you don’t have an option since it is the enemy who wiped out your entire attacking team. In the former however, act of fleeing is on the option of the attacker. When a hero is marked for Oni cursed, you have 3 moves left to eliminate that mark, and you can do this by smart tile play or usage of battle items (hurricane or tornado) just to improve the odds within those limited turns or by defeating all the enemies in that ninja tower stage. When your last hero standing is killed by enemy attacks, you dont have the opportunity to remove that curse since you are already defeated.

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