🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Yes, if we compare it to ToL, then each stage should at least give 10 Ninja Coins.

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Hmm wouldn’t that also apply to you? Wouldn’t your words have more weight if you show a screen shot? I saw the screen shot in a line group, and kinda lazy to look it up

For sure everything in E&P is P2W. But those players who do pay a lot also want something they can compete for. And then again, if you want to play the tower really competitively, money alone is not enough. Of course, you really need at least some of various key heroes, so without having invested quite a bit in the past, you cannot finish in the leaderboard. But you don’t have to be the biggest qhale in the sea.

To really succeed, you also have to master various strategies:

Starting from flat out bombing and finding the one best combination on the starting board within a second for the first 19 levels.

You have to choose the blessings wisely

Adapting to the various special conditions of the tower lvls which contiuously change. You have to think about which items net the highest benefit in which lvl. Team composition is not always trivial once the duration of ailments/buffs are reduced. Which color is best suited for this lvl…

You have to be very fast at decision making, finding good combinations fast and also deciding at the same time how to handle the curses. For example 2 months ago I often lost points when trying to save a hero from its first curse. Unless it’s a really crucial one, I wouldn’t do this again. But you have to make these decisions and many more with a clock running!

Contrary to other events, you only have very limited attempts for each level. So it doesn’t tolerate many mistakes.

You need a lot of commitment when preparing for the event. You have to save your whirlwinds for these occasions. Noone is forced to use them for titans. If someone does and later complains that the tower and other events are too expensive itemwise, he should change his titan approach or accept that others who play less wasteful have an advantage there.

Many of the biggest spenders do not have the skill and knowhow to really compete there, and some of them even might have problems finishing at all. On the other hand, if you’ve regularly played for 2 years and know how to play difficult levels, you surely can get to 50th floor without having invested a lot of money. For example I’m sure that good 4star emblemed event-teams can succeed till the very end.

So, I understand that it is not easy to get to 50th floor for everyone. For more casual or newer players even reaching something like floor 30 might be hard. But so what? An average tennis player cannot expect being able to play at Wimbledon. The only difference is that in this game, you can drastically improve your preconditions by spending money. Yes, that’s not fair, but this is how this game is funded. And not everyone is throwing money at SG just because they want to see some pixels in their collections. Most spenders will also want to competitively use their heroes somewhere. And one event every other month shouldn’t be too much to handle for the average jealous F2P.

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Unfortunately the last screenshot I have before completion is one exactly before the last 10 flags were handed out on the last day. I was 30846th after having finished 40 floors. So even though this is an indication, I cannot prove my point. However, if there were 10thousands additional players than the 30k I would estimate, there is a good chance that someone is reading this and send a screenshot of his - let’s say - 60000th place.

I got an idea @Xero786 , can you please tell us your place at the last ninja tower? We are really interested in the number of players who finished it. Sorry for rubbing salt in the wound! :wink:

I think dev, once they trade the ninja heroes only there mind will strike oh some heroes are OP and need nerf , that tym S4 heroes OP and in trading process .

There are no 60.000 players who complefe all floors.

Here is a screnshoot of someone who only finish 44 floors and is ranked 55k.

However, I can assure you that there are more than 25k players who finished all floors previous October, because I finished it all but fell out of top 25k (my score is less than 1.2 million)…


I had 5 flasks from before plus I bought 4 more flasks.
I’m guessing others had similar.

I have finished and have 2 flasks still.

I died 3 times and still have 2x energy from day 2.

Bowel? Of course, all what they have it’s defencive buff from JF and Mitsuko :slight_smile:
Health before Cobalt special skill was used

Just what I want to say - for last year in the game too much non-RNG and fast and average heroes (Finley, Odin, Killhare, Frigg and etc) which can kill all your entire team just with 1-2 special skill use. And in next year will be even more

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Not will work - Cobalt bypass absolutely ALL defencive buffs (incl. dodge and counterattack). All what you can do in this case - decrease Cobalt’s attack. But do not forget - defence team have +20% to attack by default and can attack absolutely any hero what they want. So 360 * 1.2 = 432% + troops (+26%/+32%) + emblems + high attack power (802 at 4/80) + attack buff from someone like BK/Rigard©/Kirill and etc +100% chance to bypass all defencive buffs. Not OP? They did it again :slight_smile:


I flee from fight before my hero get cursed(the countdown). But, then i see my hero still get cursed. Is that intended or a Bug?

It is working as intended. Please read this: 🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion. To be precise:

Courtesies to the @Guvnor.

Intended. Before flee your heroes must not have curses

The curses are still a ridiculous mechanic that needs to be reworked. Instead of the hero being permanently removed from the tower, maybe have a cooldown period of 48 hours before they can participate again.
Still don’t understand why NT was designed the way it is, you want to play properly because of the curses but the timer forces you to make aggressive moves and use up items. And all this trouble and resources for subpar rewards. What is the point of this event again?


Of course - money)) New summon, new OP heroes with very low odds for big spenders (but every 2 months)… And little fun (time killer) for players with wide bench of heroes (p2w and long time members)


From November 2020 v.33 release note:

If a player is defeated while an Oni Stone still has turns left, heroes will not get a permanent Oni Curse

@Guvnor @Staff_SGG, isn’t flee result in defeat? It is either a bug or incomplete release note wording.


This is why…they want you to pay up. Buy that ninja tower pack!!! LOL


Yeah, lol, beating the odds being like one to ten million only to then get 9x S1 3 stars + Gormek :laughing:


The results might be the same in that you don’t finish the level and use up one energy, but for the curse, there is a possibility that I could have removed the curse but all my heroes died before the moves could be made. In this case, it would be unfair to penalize me further by cursing the hero.

Fleeing, on the other hand, is a player choice. When there is no way to remove a curse, I can try to circumvent that by fleeing, which is not allowed.

First time this event appeared i thought it was crap but completed it anyway. This time around i actually hate it. It takes real skill to come up with something that is absolutely no fun at all and is so badly designed. And top of everything gives you absolutely no rewards worth the effort involved. I won’t even bother finishing it this time.


Most irritating and hateful event in the game. Playing it I want to delete the game. With all things of the last time I give myself one or two month. This game makes me more angry then enjoy. SG go on, you do the right thing, people should play less in such kind of game, lol!


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