🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Got to 17 before my second failed attempt. Really disappointed that they didn’t offer even one free flask this time to help out.

I switched out my three stars for four stars some time ago, and have done much better at avoiding curses than I did last time. Also finding that reduced self-inflicted debuff of Lady Woollaton is very handy. Last event she got cursed super quick so I barely got to enjoy that benefit.

I am finding it easier to handle the curses than I did last time, but the mobs seem tougher than before. Or maybe it is because I am picking different blessings this time. Hard to say.

Yea, Ninja Tower gives the worst return on investment in this game. I think you can only get enough coins for 2 or 3 free pulls if you complete all levels.


That would be a super achievement worth of 1000 tower coins.

There should be a “suicide” button then lol

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Now ninja’s use their special skill not randomly in defence. Depends on the health. Game is broken again

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Game over unless you have really deep pockets


Actually with over 12 hrs left, over 50k people finished the tower last time (saw someone rank over 50k who finished). So probably 100k people finished by the time it was over

Absolutely not the same. Proteus, time stop… It’s all clear (100% + 100% + 100%). But in previous time ninja’s used their skill randomly - now depends on health (not randomly).

I’ve made it through 19 floors. Scores, time, and rewards (different than OP guides) are shown below.

First chest (after stage 10) gave 10 ranger emblems in addition to the 10 tower coins everyone gets.

I’ve only lost 2 heroes, but both are three stars so I wouldn’t be using either anyways at this point.

I’m currently ranked ~120k. At this point on day 1 I was ranked ~246K. At this point two months ago I was ranked ~146K.

I’ve only used minor mana potions and 1 tornado. Once I lost Grevle, I started bringing Gullinbursti and used a tornado when he got cursed and couldn’t get out of it.

I started using 4 stars with emblems, but primarily completed stages 10-19 with two 3 stars and three unemblemed 4 stars.

Tomorrow I’ll use primarily status effect heroes like Wilbur before his usefulness decreases. I want to save my top 5 in each color for 30-50.


Total pay-to-win event. 100 friggin coins for a pull and the game is tight fisted giving them out. Then, with that pull, you are more likely to get a garbage S1 3* than anything else. 1% odds to get a 5* ninja.

The tower itself sucks hard just like last time. Ive noticed when you defeat a curse early in a round another curse immediately pops up. Defeat that and another immediately pops up. Game is doing its best to curse you in these cases. No way in hell thats random.

These pay-to-win events simply make the strong stronger while those of us on a budget get the shaft.


The prizes are still rubbish, I thought they would improve


SGG says: You wanted chests, you got chests.

And then they laugh while watching everyone spend like crazy to get the new unstoppable ninja heroes.


I don’t recall them saying that they would improve the ninja tower loot. I am just skipping the whole event. I did do 4, 10 pull and got nothing. So SG still wins.


Another one event for p2w players with OP heroes (especially Onyx and Cobalt)

Just one special skill use - all your command died (even with Mitsuko). Perfect balance


Crazy. Granted the BK buff is up, but that’s just stupid! You don’t even have defensive ailments!!!

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I actually just noticed you have JF’s MASSIVE BLUE DEFENSE BUFF UP!!! LOL! If that isn’t enough picture for a Cobalt nerf, nothing is!!
Edit: nevermind…Cobalt bypasses it. The defenders of him will say: just bring a dodger and cross your fingers they work!!

Well, I’m not super with Cyrillic, but if I read that correctly, they all have “0 bowel”. That can be a problem right there: without a large intestine, you’re not going to last very long.

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how is it possible that they have finished in one day when they can buy a maximum of two energy charges?


I’ve wondered the same…people were done with the whole thing on the first day!! WTF?

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