🏯 [Dec 2020] Ninja Portal - Summons, Stats, Results & Offers

65 ETT without a single ninja troop? Feels like this thing is bugged. Got plenty of other 4* troops, but not a single ninja troop makes me think this isn’t working correctly

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Not really a bug. Wasted 46 ETTs earlier and the affair netted me mostly dupe epic troops. But I am a bit happy because 7 4* troops out of those 46 single pulls turned out to be my 4th fire mana troop and 2 Bo Ninja Troops. I already have my first ninja troop last Ninja Tower, the green Kusarigama Ninja troop, supporting my Lianna with maxed costume bonus. Leveling my new toys will be a pain.

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This game w/o UI :slight_smile: Each number 95+ - ninja troop

Hard to interpret the figures. Please illucidate us. Thanks.

People really don’t get odds.

There’s a 5% chance of getting a ninja troop. So with 65 pulls the odds of NOT getting one are (1-0.05)^65 =~ 3.5%

Which is roughly two to three times the odds of pulling a non-S1 5* hero from any single pull.

What’s the odds of the next pull getting one though? 5%. How many you pull doesn’t change that.

In 49 tokens I got 4 green mana (which makes 10 total), 2 red mana, 1 blue mana, 1 purple & yellow crit, and 2 ninjas — red and purple. I’m happy with that haul. All greens will be going into HA. I still have no purple mana.

Really? That’s a shame. I have been feeding 4* purple mana troops since last year. Now I am hoarding them in the event I am pushing to max my main troops. Not really keen on HA9 since I already have the desired number of mana and crit troops per element, more so that HA9 is not spewing anymore ninja troops.

Three 10 pulls with feeders, Thorne and Horgall

Then 2 single pulls and

Stoked! Gonna fit nicely on my defense


Did two 10-pulls, got Onyx. I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. :slight_smile:


17 ETT this time - nothing but 3*
23 ETT last time - nothing but 3*

Now been playing for way too long (about 3 years) and still only have 1 red 4* troop - and that was about 3 months ago.

Not sure I want the frustration of trying to summon ninjas to get Dawa and Bane overload


Yeah, I had NO 4* purple until a few months ago. My first HA9 spat out a second purple crit, which stinks but since it’s still only my second purple troop I couldn’t see retraining it.

Green is the only one I’ve gotten plenty of 4s in really. And the irony is that for the first year it’s what I got the least non 4 troops in.

40 ETT and a single mana troop. From 40 pulls, something seems a bit off with this event summons.


I had saved 16 ETT since the last event and managed to pull only 1 four star troop, which was thankfully a ninja one. Naturally it was a holy one since the 4* holy troops come to me more than any others, to the point where when I hit 5 of them I started feeding them, though the ninja one will make six. That being said I would have also been happy with 4* crits for purple and red too since those have eluded me since day one.

That after I had finished the ninja summons I went to put a silver token into that portal and pulled the exact same three star troop just added insult to injury, when normally I like seeing 3* troops from that portal as it feels like a bit of a win.

Did a few pulls on the hero portal too, but only got a duplicate Ametrine and a bunch of 3* classics. Will see if I can get high enough up the tower to get enough coins for another pull, but I am not optimisic of getting anything other than yet another Bane, or actually it was Isshtak that was coming out again and again this morning. He has been eaten away despite the fact that I have not got one of him at all and his costume is all greyed out on my account.

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Saved 18 tokens and got a purple ninja troop (with a green, a yellow and a purple classic 4*). So I guess I’m lucky. :slight_smile:

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Holy Coin :partying_face:


27 ETTs, got one red mana troop and one red crit troop. Could have been worse. My alt account used 24 ETTs, only 3-star troops! Sigh…

I probably won’t buy any of the offers and do any hero summons. Pulled some last Ninja event, no ninjas at all. Will save up gems for Costume Portal later this month.

So as I said earlier, I hoarded over 50 tokens for the last two months only to get 1 classic 4 star troop throwing all of them at the portal.

But random ETT dropped by a titan today got me purple ninja troop just like that.

You gotta love the RNG in this god forsaken game.


Troop portal results:

12 Epic Troop Tokens, 9 3* Troops, 3 4* Troops, no ninja troops. That’s a pretty solid ratio of 4*, 15% chance for a 4* in portal, I got 33% 4* Troops.

Thinking about using gems for the Ninja summon. It’s by far the hardest thing to get coins for, based on what I experienced last time.

I decided to use the gems for the Ninja Portal 10 pull, got 10 feeders.


Hmmm, the Day 2 offer has changed

It’s 500 gems, 125 coins + 1 Epic Troop Token


Which is ok. The hunter’s lodge items in this game are vastly overpriced by the designers for the little edge they provide over the classic ones. My bet is the interest in these offers was minimal so they decided to change it. Expected the same for others.

It’s a decent offer today but with the monthly calendar OVERFLOWED with offers I am passing on it.

I’d saved up 23 troop tokens. Not one ninja, not one 4* troop.

Last ninja tower event I did a bunch of portal summons, 20, i think, and got utter garbage, so I will not be doing any more purchases or gem summons. I expect Ulmer, should I have enough ninja tokens for a single pull. My patience for summoning heroes has long been exhausted.

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