🧞 [Dec 2020] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

Great point to be honest didnt notice just started hitting it

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Tried it, wanted to like it, didn’t like it. First challenge I’m gonna pass on.
If sg doesn’t work on it’s reward system, the game will be dead soon.
I’m surprised at myself how much time and effort I put into a game that literally gives you nothing back.
You put in money…no return
You put in time…you get a wooden shield
Been A+ against titans for the umteenth time, yes wooden shield

Now it starts clicking at last and the effort and time and money will be less and less and less

It’s as if they are some sadists that try everything to keep us from having fun in this (once fantastic) game.

And we the masochists…


The content they produce lately is absolute trash. First the Telluria fiasco, then the HA which was basically a 2 year old lie, then the goblin thing then the ninjas, the underwhelming HOTMs, the broken op S3 and new event heroes, and now this.


Is there going to be a schedule of when the mythic titans will appear such as once a month

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Ok strategy question:

I have been thinking about the stat reductions etc and am conscious I may not have thought things through enough when I initially ran in headfirst this morning. What do people think is the best way to use heroes ( especially for those like myself with limited rosters that will run out of heroes sooner) Is it best to create one strong team to try and smack as hard as possible? Try and share the strength around? Keep any mats you you are using for the weaker heroes to try and stabilise score?

@VeryQuietly @Guvnor Not sure if you guys have any thoughts on this from beta?

Let’s waste loads of expensive items and get absolutely ■■■■ all in return. Don’t have any items… no worry we will sell you some and also add pressure to do so by giving to alliance members at the same time.

The loot is worthless, SG are deliberately taking the ■■■■ now. They don’t even try anymore. They must laugh themselves to sleep at night !!


I can only speak to personal opinion. I have a limited blue roster, no Miki. Personally, my goal for the event is to get a decent single individual score. I’m not aiming to rank in the total score leaderboard at all. I’ll do a few runs with not A+ team on lower difficulties and cheap battle items to get in to the groove and then bust out the A+ lineup, all the battle items and go for broke in Extreme Difficulty. Given cost/reward ratio and expense of battle items, I probably will only do 1 maybe 2 runs like this. The rest will be whatever happens with axes and arrows.

Jott will be of great value here as he is the only method to remove the lower shield attack aspect of the mythic titan’s special. (Just like Ratatoskr will be valuable for blue titan, assuming its special does the same thing).

As far as alliance total - I’m not forcing/mandating/encouraging anyone in my alliance to do a certain amount of damage or hits. I’d much rather they focus on the rare purple harpy we have at the moment (yaay - two tough titans…not overwhelming at all…)


Frequency for this event should be at least every three months MINIMUM.

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Probably mentioned already, but having % for the top hit, top total, but only 1-1000 for alliance is, well, complete crap.

There’s no reason the alliances couldn’t be % based as well.


The developers announced this in the announcement of the event. Yes, there will be mythical titans once a month.



I figured thats why they dont do AMAs anymore, because they absolutely dont care what do we want, they also know that its garbage what they give to us but the whales are spending anyways so we dont count.


I want to add my voice to the chorus saying that the rewards are HOT GARBAGE.

2% chance for a 4* ascension mat when you place in the top 1%? Could you spare it?


Agreed, in fact if you don’t have mikki fridda/Arthur you are more a burden than anything else to your alliance.

That will be even more significant against yellow mythic titans where if you don’t have Panther you will be ridiculous.

I think every color should have an easy access to an elemental debuff at least a 4* one and the same for a titan buffer and don’t tell me there is wukong. I’m lucky I have mikki and I could never go back to that frustrating useless monkey…


That’s the dumbest thing in this event (except for the worthless loot). My highest score is in 200k, which is not a great hit, and currently I’m in top 5% for top attacks & top total, but as an alliance we’re at the very bottom LOL

has anyone used lord loky? is he bugged like with jott copy?

if this was an April’s fool joke I might give it a laugh or two, but to be honest, it’s not even funny anymore.
I appreciate that SG is trying to create events for P2W guys that spend serious money on the game, but why on Earth don’t they reward them for it?
I spend just occasionally, so I obviously don’t have good enough heroes to compete in this kind of event (I have 31 Leg heroes 15 blues (most duplicates; 10 reds (most duplicates) and 1x Vivica; 3x domitias and Elk with Lils *for some reason almost all my pulls are Blue and Red and I have loads of mats for the other colors) and therefore I don’t expect any rewards, but what about those that spend thousands of bucks? do they really expect to receive ■■■■■■ mats and couple of emblems? Is that how you reward them ? Is that how you appreciate them?
This event is nothing but high level mat dump, thank god that lower level players don’t even have them…

There has been some initiatives already but this really calls for a boycott - people should stop paying these ***** for a while and then maybe they would actually gave something back to those poor souls that spend fortune on - nothing really - because spending money on this “lottery” doesn’t guarantee you anything in return…


There is a good reason: 10thousands of 1 or to player alliances and many many other small ones exist. So basically every full 30player-alliance would be in the top 1%…

In some Spanish speaking countries, the fool’s Day was yesterday, so I could consider this event as a bad joke as well.:man_shrugging:t4:


Reasonable response.

But I still feel that limiting rewards to the top 1000 (and, really, more like top 100) is ridiculous.


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