🧞 [Dec 2020] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

Of course, it’s a difference especially in titans when it’s a mono team or 4 + 1, I just wrote my experience, a yellow guardian gazelle would be enough for me :slight_smile: but at least those blind people are better at events there, it beats everything.

I have Gazelle but i get everything except darts, but as soon as i max her i wont ever use Ranvir again.

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I disagree. I’d expect (guess!!) it to behave like war energy and accumulate over the duration of the event for a two reasons:

  • It doesn’t show 3 / 3 flags like regular titan flags, it just has the number “3”
  • stipulation says it adds more during the event (every 12 hours, not daily like NT)

I’d also guess that the total ends up being 12 flags for the whole event - same number as what we had to test with in beta.

Summary of Mythic Titans Event - some info still from beta beat as I haven't played through all difficulties yet


Incorrect. New energy gets added after a certain time frame. The question is how much and does it stack on top of current energy?
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Thankfully the first mythical Titan is red,blue team with Miki and here we goooooo

this is what the first post says

Thats exactly the problem, another event built around having 1 specific hero. Challenge events and ninja Tower were already built around Miki, very fast wars and tournaments around Alfrike if you dont have those you dont have a chance thats the problem.

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Do we ALL get the next energy at the same time, or is it based on when you first used your first energy like it does for regular titans?
For example as me writing this, t says 5hrs 27 mins then I get more energy.
Is everyone’s the same timer?

Will the Mythic Titan be added as a kill in pov 6 as part of the titan challenges when the event ends

mine is the same. all timers started at the same time - when MT appeared.

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Ok thanks. Wasn’t sure if it was a case of the timer starts for me when I used my very first flag/energy or not.
I suppose it would be unfair if they did it that way, but you never know with SG/Zynga

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The alliance rewards are not chosen wisely. On one hand there is nothing of value for average alliances who would value tokens or 3*ascension mats higher.

On the other hand, for “serious” players who want to compete in this kind of event, the amount of high lvl battle items, in especially the unfarmable(!!) 5* ones, which only the first few alliances get, are game changing. On average, you get the following interesting loot:

(emblems/5* battle items/4* battle items/4* ingredients)

  1.        200          50        50         50
  2.        120          26,25     26,25      26,25
  3.         75           8         8         15
  4.         40           3,3       3,3        5
  5.         10           0         0          2

The problem is, that besides the emblems these items are next to worthless for the majority of players, but very valuable for competitive ones. So on one hand, few alliances have incentive to really give their best, on the other hand, competitive players are tempted to try to get on one of the top alliances. This is not healthy for the community…

In my opinion, top performers in the individual rankings should get this kind of rewards. Thus people would get rewarded based on their own performance not on their alliance members strength.

Personally I am one of the more competitive players in an alliance which will probably end in the 11th-100th tier no matter whether we just attack routinely or go all-out. And for individual leaderboards, top 1% shouldn’t be a real task. So, besides maybe finishing on the leaderboard for bragging rights, there is no incentive to give my best.

So please increase emblems/items loot for individual rankings and more importantly limit unfarmable loot for alliances.

And as already mentioned:


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Knowing SGG, it will be something like “Deliver the killing blow to Mythic Titan.”

I doubt it - it doesnt have a health bar and it doesnt “die” as such. there wont be a “finishing strike”. The thing sticks around for the whole event regardless of how much damage gets dealt out by the community. If i recall correctly - it says 'the titan retreated" when the event ends; not “the titan was defeated”.

…welcome to the joke :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know though see what happens after event ends

From the opening description:

“There is no “Ghost” lanes on the Mythic Titan. Instaed of a 7x5 board you have a 9x5 board with two additional columns added in.”

Where? my board was 7 X 5. outside lanes are not ghost lanes, but this is not a 9X5 board.

This is a gigantic mess. :roll_eyes:
Energy should stack like war. People do have lives.

Also, they need to expand the loot tiers for alliances. To only give good loot tiers to the top 1k only provides further proof that this is an event only for the pay to play groups. It will drive down participation.


Mythic titans don’t die. It’s soley damage driven event. There’s no health Total or health bar on it.

Correct - different versions were tried in beta versions and I’m guessing that is a remnant that didn’t get edited.

See this post for my not very succinct attempt at outlining the event details:

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