🧞 [Dec 2020] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

Not to burst that bubble but the 3 very best heroes for this are Athena, Miki & Jott :joy: (edit…just seen the super 4th player Frida too…that’s 4 of a kind for this Titan)

In every team at the top more or less.

You have those 3 starters and you could have put any other blues in…double Gunnars and you’d still be smashing it to bits :laughing:

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You really think its something extra? Surprise! It isnt. Tournament, titan, war chest, and elemental chest loot is becoming worse and worse because of these events. Its a commonly used strategy of game development, they spread the loot so you have to do more for the same stuff. Mean while you need better heroes and battle items so pay up. Its far from being free.


Yes clear, the first Day I used my best team but the difference for me using the S1 heroes only team was “just” 100k.
I mean 400k with a team available from tc20 isn’t that bad. It’s far away from the top players on the leader board but it would still be enough for the top1% tier at the moment

You’re right, they didn’t roll out an extra event. I must be seeing things. My mistake.

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Oh yeah, I was doing 250k a time with my 2nd string blue and Wu Kong. And I had the dreaded quad miss on the weak spot on one of them…that lost my about 50k damage.

The joy and pain of Wu Kong right there

I searched “Glossary”

You really think that more events equals more loot? Thats cute. Lets say you have 100 oranges and 10 boxes, you can put 10 in each. But what if you spread your 100 oranges in 20 boxes? Its only 5 each, you have the same amount of oranges while you can say you have more boxes with oranges in them. Its an illusion. If it wasnt clear oranges are the metaphor of loot and boxes are for events.

I’d love to see your data showing this. Feel free to post it here.

Yes I think so :thinking:
It’s hard to tell for ascension mats if you don’t collect some data over a period of time,but for emblems it’s fairly easy to tell, that you receive now more than ever

Firstly, ask anyone who was here in the first year of the game what an elemental chest looked like. And secondly, why would they give more? They want to make money and as i said the method i explained is known and used in game development. Actually you are the one who claims something that doesnt make any sense from a business perspective so can you come first with that data?

I was here in the first year of the game. Sadly, it doesn’t appear like either of us kept track of the loot.

If you find info to support your claims, please let us know.

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I’m also in the top 1% with a 331k hit.

I’m a newish player and my team is not maxed or fully emblemed. My team was Jott (0), Lord Loki (4), Grimm (19), Nodri (0) and Guardian Gazelle at 3/70. I guess I must have fired Jott after Lord Loki most of time, luckily :slight_smile:

I brought tornadoes, mana pots, scrolls of alteration and hurricanes or titanium shields. I used the expensive items only on my 3 first hits and managed 300k, 210k and 331k hits. None of the hits went super good in my opinion, mistakes were made and Nodri was killed in the second attack.

I was suprised that the extreme titan didn’t hit harder than it did. Our alliance often fights 11 star titans and they hit harder. Our alliance rank is currently 1685th and we already threw in the towel. The ”Alliances compete with each other” aspect is half-baked and almost a joke - for 95% of the alliances there is no chance to compete.

I believe the top 1% hit will be much more contested next time.

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Logic and the way business goes is on my side, actually you are the one who should prove his point. This game is like a country fair, why do you expect those BB guns to be accurate if everybody knows that it only makes money if you miss the shots? For example if you really here from year 1 then you have some experience with ascension mats right? How long did it take back then to get those 6 tabards or rings or whatever? Months, how long does it take now? Roughly the same, and we have way more events. Going with your logic it should be much much faster as we have way more events. But its not. More events should equal more loot should equal more mats right? Thats what you said. Still its the same speed.

Yeah, I could have done that.
My bad.

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for me its not about the event is for whales issue, it’s the loot is out of whack.
First the alliance loot…
not enough tiers. PERIOD
NO incentive for alliances to really work together.
So this event is a single player event AGAIN. It is only in the disguise of a alliance based event.

Now the individual awards…
ok so its not that hard for someone who has been playing regularly for a year or less to get top 10% or even 5% and in some small percentage of cases top 1% so the % based awards here actually seem imho to work.
Its the fact that in most cases imho, if you are top 5% for a single attack you are most likely going to be top 5% for total attack. the rewards overlap and i think are identical. The rewards fro single attack and total attack should be unique to each other with total attack giving the best rewards overall between the two.

The battle items award in all 3 divisions should be massively increased in fact only tornadoes, hurricanes, scrolls, dragon and titan banners etc etc should be given out, no aces or arrows or minor healing pits etc so 4/5* battle items mostly, I would say the lowest tier should get at least 10 battle items.

The fact we are being forced to use more and more hunter’s lodge items versus the cost of them should also be addressed, make titan parts drop more or reduce costs. Also revamp some of the less used items

As I have played this event my opinion changed from “i don’t think i care for it” to “OK its not as bad as I thought” But with several other events I would like to see a revamp of the rewards system.

As stated before I would prefer the alliance rewards to have many many more tiers and possibly be just a damage based goal, such a 1 mil, 2 mil etc
Battle items should be mainly 4/5* and be heavily increased in all rewards by about 5-15 fold
Unfarmable AM should be increased for alliance and total damage and left out of single attack damage

To me all reward systems should be set up to reward your spending. Summoning heroes is not enough to succeed in events. It is one part of it. You also need unfarmable mats, battle items and resources. SO say at 10% tier it should reward you with items that help you push for 5% tier next time. so increase flasks, increase higher battle items, increase iron/food bundles increase 4* CM massively and increase unfarmable AM a touch


Approximate damage done in my first 7 flags:
360k, 50k, 75k, 200k, 150k, 130k, 150k

I started off hot which has me in the top 1% for individual attacks (~13k rank). I then had two bad hits before picking it up last night. Friday+18 is down to -41%. My best unused heroes are 4/70s.
For my hit this morning I went mono red instead and put up 150k. I think I’ll run with mono yellow and mono purple once.

With 5 flags left I’m questioning dropping down to brave battle from extreme. I’m not sure Frida will be that valuable by the end and I’m not sure I trust Nordri not to be one shot. I might also throw Jarvur in there as well hoping with the mana boost I can use his special often enough for his stacks to add up.

Very nice addition to the game,…offers opportunity for loots just by participating…nice SGG…think the alliance reward loot tier could be broken down further at (101-1000) /to 101-500, 501-1000.


I’ve actually had fun with this event. Though I wouldn’t be scoring near as high without the use of many big/expensive battle items. I won’t have most of them at my disposal for the next Mythic Titan.

It’s been mentioned many times already, but I would like to echo the sentiment again, I think there should be more alliance tiers. 1, 1-10, 1-100, 100-250, 250-500, 500-750, 750-1000, 1000-1500, 1500-2000, 2000-3000, 3000-5000 (or possibly more yet, I don’t know how many alliances exist to date?)

If the total damage done to this mythic titan shows anything, it’s that there are thousands of alliances working here. Why only reward the top 1000 with worthwhile loot and leave 90% of the player base with scraps? I don’t have the numbers, but arguably the bottom 90% of the player base is doing more damage then the top 10%, so let’s reward more for their time and effort! It just makes it more fun and worth while for everyone. It also creates a bit more competition.


I don’t understand why I have to see that huge number on my screen?!?
Help me to see how much damage the mythic titans have receive in this event?!?
I personally don’t like this. All the events that involve the disadvantages of my few heroes frustrate me the most.
Happy New Year to all.

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