🧞 [Dec 2020] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion


I figured thats why they dont do AMAs anymore, because they absolutely dont care what do we want, they also know that its garbage what they give to us but the whales are spending anyways so we dont count.


I want to add my voice to the chorus saying that the rewards are HOT GARBAGE.

2% chance for a 4* ascension mat when you place in the top 1%? Could you spare it?


Agreed, in fact if you don’t have mikki fridda/Arthur you are more a burden than anything else to your alliance.

That will be even more significant against yellow mythic titans where if you don’t have Panther you will be ridiculous.

I think every color should have an easy access to an elemental debuff at least a 4* one and the same for a titan buffer and don’t tell me there is wukong. I’m lucky I have mikki and I could never go back to that frustrating useless monkey…


That’s the dumbest thing in this event (except for the worthless loot). My highest score is in 200k, which is not a great hit, and currently I’m in top 5% for top attacks & top total, but as an alliance we’re at the very bottom LOL

has anyone used lord loky? is he bugged like with jott copy?

if this was an April’s fool joke I might give it a laugh or two, but to be honest, it’s not even funny anymore.
I appreciate that SG is trying to create events for P2W guys that spend serious money on the game, but why on Earth don’t they reward them for it?
I spend just occasionally, so I obviously don’t have good enough heroes to compete in this kind of event (I have 31 Leg heroes 15 blues (most duplicates; 10 reds (most duplicates) and 1x Vivica; 3x domitias and Elk with Lils *for some reason almost all my pulls are Blue and Red and I have loads of mats for the other colors) and therefore I don’t expect any rewards, but what about those that spend thousands of bucks? do they really expect to receive ■■■■■■ mats and couple of emblems? Is that how you reward them ? Is that how you appreciate them?
This event is nothing but high level mat dump, thank god that lower level players don’t even have them…

There has been some initiatives already but this really calls for a boycott - people should stop paying these ***** for a while and then maybe they would actually gave something back to those poor souls that spend fortune on - nothing really - because spending money on this “lottery” doesn’t guarantee you anything in return…


There is a good reason: 10thousands of 1 or to player alliances and many many other small ones exist. So basically every full 30player-alliance would be in the top 1%…

In some Spanish speaking countries, the fool’s Day was yesterday, so I could consider this event as a bad joke as well.:man_shrugging:t4:


Reasonable response.

But I still feel that limiting rewards to the top 1000 (and, really, more like top 100) is ridiculous.


Thank you for responding back ArktikaTF

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So after attacking 3x here’s my final thoughts…real snoozer. Let’s break it down shall we?

Attack the Mythic Titan in the weak spot to do most damage…hey wait a minute, that’s what we do for the alliance titan so how is that different?

Attack the Mythic Titan using color strong against the titan and use defense down/attack buffers…hey, that’s the same too!

Loot is tiered for the Mythic Titan based on damage and also is RNG’d…same as alliance titan!

Use battle items to do more damage to the Mythic Titan…hey, we do that already too!

So what’s the difference you ask? Attacking the Mythic Titan does absolutely NOTHING for PoV for those attempting to complete it. Repeat…those still working through PoV to get the titan kills will get absolutely no benefit from attacking the Mythic Titan so the mats are better used on the alliance titan to get it down.

So…Mythic Titans is just a rehashed alliance titan with crappier loot. There, I said it.

Can we stop with the retreads and focus on fixing QoL?

**btw…I was spot on with the blatant $$ grab. I should get extra points for that one! :sunglasses:


So some thoughts after taking my hits:

  1. I like the ambiance. It looks and feels impressive (to me).

  2. functionally, very similar to regular titans of course… BUT. The changes are very nuanced, and certainly long term players should appreciate the way these small changes impact the event.

  3. MY BIGGEST GRIPE SO FAR: Why can’t I view my alliance to see how my friends are doing?!!! THATS BULLSHIRT!!!

  4. The $5 offer sucked. I’m bummed so many of my alliance mates bought it.

  5. I have no idea how people got 1mil plus damage lol. I hope they found that fun hahah.

  6. I hope that for future mythic titans, SG uses the data from this first mythic to make a “success” point where all the alliances win. (After first 3 flags I see global damage is around 150bil. So maybe 1 trillion or more damage.) there should be consequences for losing – like a week of darkness and reduced farm / iron output, slower builders. And the opposite for a global win.

  7. overall, I like it. But seeing my alliance mates successes and failures would also help to frame how well I’m doing.

  8. something else to tie together the efforts of alliances, whatever it is, is really needed. I wanna be on some level cheering for other alliances to do well.


It could have been way better. Like a really strong titan, with billions of health, and everyone can hit it, if it dies in 3 days everyone gets some good loot, that way F2P, C2P, P2P, P2W and whale players could do something together to succeed. This event simply broadens the already homongously large gap between low and non spenders and whales further.


I’ve used this team 3 times. I don’t have other blue heroes. How effective is the team further on the event ? Or should I go for a fresh new neutral color titan team ? Green team will be out of the question cuz of the weak color.


Yes. This is what I’ll do.

Honestly, we don’t know. In beta, it appeared you’d get 10 per day. This is a different set up. My guess is it will be like war and it will all stack based on the wording. But we’re going to have to wait and find out.

I’ve already used my 3 so I won’t be able to answer the question, but hopefully someone will.


Mikki is still worth it even with the mana and attack reduction!

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This is what I mean by “this dumb event was not beta tested.”

Because it wasn’t.


12 hours time to hit? You may sleep 12 hours :sleeping::sleeping:

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