🔵 [Dec 18, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Same Team as last time. Used a few mana pots both types, few arrows and few health pots as Colen had a big bulls eye on him on the 3rd stage.

Emblems for proteus and BT once his finished.
Trainer for jabberwok


Sounds more like a great week!

Same team as last time for me:

A much different result this time though…FML:

Meh…nothing some :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: can’t fix…done :rage:


My team last time:

My team this time is the same, but Anzogh is maxed. They have to earn some more wizard emblems :slight_smile:

Anzogh was dead in the end, but that doesn’t matter so much. I need him for the waves, not for the bosses.

Trainer…ah a purple one - goes to my second Rigard on his way to max.
Emblems: 14 needed for Sartana’s first node (I think I said something similar before and gave the emblems to Anz^^), fighter emblems stocked for Boldie, he’s +10 now, but I’m short on iron and food. Or for Colen WHEN he will be maxed one day^^ only other higher fighter is Elena and she has to wait…


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +2
  • Onatel +2
  • Kiril +20
  • Boldtusk +20
  • Colen 4^70

Still my favorite trial, because it includes my two best heroes, Onatel and Poseidon. Compared to last time, Onatel is up one talent, and Boldtusk is up two.

The mob waves were a little too easy, as a cascade got away from me, and I managed to kill the final mobling before charging Poseidon and, more importantly, Onatel. So Boss Oberon and Boss Balthazar both fired before I could apply mana control. That meant I had to use more health potions than normal, but to be fair, normal is zero. This team is still stupid good, so I took out Balthazar in short order (yay, double yellows!) and Oberon shortly thereafter, but Oberon’s DoT did get Kiril’s health so low that Ulmer was able to kill him right before I ended him. That’s considered a bad run for me in this trial, but still barely a speed bump.

Wizard emblems take Onatel to +3; fighter emblems on reserve for the Big Fish. Trainer hero goes to my second Rigard.


My team for this:

  • Colen +20
  • Hel +5
  • Kiril +5
  • Isarnia 3/70
  • Boldtusk +3

Made sure my specials were charged before going into final wave and cleared it pretty easily by firing BT → Isarnia → Hel → Colen

No items used, just got a good board.


Kiril+6 - Proteus+10 - Sartana - Anzogh+7 - Boldtusk+18


Been working on material for this one… Choice was between:
Boldtusk +18 (with costume bonus)
Kirill +10
Kingston 4/65
Sartana +5
Hu Tao

Went with Kirill / Sartana / Merlin / Hu Tao / Kingston. Probably would have been better to get Boldtusk/Colen in there for the tiles. But I finished it without real problems.

Sartana will get the wizard emblems, Kingston (sooner or later) the fighter emblems. Trainer went to Obakan.


Same team as the last time

Looked like the bosses decided to pick on Proteus as a result one healing pot was used to keep him alive.
Items used: 1 healing pot and 1 minor antidote.
Emblems and trainer banked for now.


Me last time:

Me this time in a dramatic recreation after beating it and embleming everybody :man_facepalming:t2:

Also, I didn’t read my note from last time and still forgot antidote, so between bad RNG and Skeletor’s poison, I ran out of healing potions. Having Magni did help a lot more than Hu Tao, so in general it went pretty smoothly.



Trainer went to Panther#2.

TY again zephyr!


Well did this across all 3 profiles. Here is who I took on my main:

One of only a few trials that I have a rainbow team for. Boards were being good to me so I didn’t really have to use any of the heavy hitter specials before the bosses. It was pretty much a breeze with this team. Fighter emblems are being saved for Sumi, and wizard emblems are being saved for Lord Fishface.

Alt #1:

Lord Fishface had more power than Balthazar so I benched him and took Proteus. Having the double greens helped in dealing with Balthazar and Oberon in stage one and two respectively. Having the poison helped ensuring that Elena and Oberon would die from the DoT should they revive. Wizard emblems are being hoarded for either Ulmer or Proteus, whichever gets maxed first. Fighter emblems are being saved for BT. I have enough emblems to get him to +9 just not enough iron.

Alt #2:


Could only do first stage because of level wall. Anyway, I didn’t expect the team to be this blue heavy. I kinda forgot that I had Kiril on this profile and I was like WHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Made keeping everyone alive a lot easier. Had Muggy as a back up emergency rez. But yeah, board was being good here and gave me enough blue tiles to blast through the mob waves. Come to the boss fight and this happens:


I am just like, yup revive into the DoT idiot! And Lord Fishface’s poison got me the victory.


You mean having Muggy and his absolutely ridiculous tile damage helped. :smile: Love me some Muggy.

BTW, I’m very jealous that you have Proteus on three accounts, and I don’t even have him on my one and only yet. Oh, well. Makes that Onatel HotM draw back in January that much sweeter!


@Noble_Weasel You’re gonna be more green with envy when you learn that my first alt was lucky enough to draw two Proteii.

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Ugh. Making several pulls in January Atlantis. Fingers crossed for the mutant fish.


I have a friend who has 5 Proteus.

I’m sitting at 0 myself. Not too shabby.



This has been upgraded to my favorite trial. This time I actually lost somebody, can’t remember the last time it happened on this one.

Easy Peasy.


So far, after eaten 2, I’m still sitting on 5, Only 1 maxed though, wished there could be some trading… Would have loved to trade 1 or 2 for cabin boy, the only 4* mana control I am still hoping for.

This is the team I used for this trial. The only notable change from the last time this quest appeared was the addition of Kiril to replace Sumitomo. Overall, having healing from both Boldtusk and Kiril made a huge difference resulting in me not having to use any items this time around.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

This one is always a little slow but easy. The Bosses never fired, and I didn’t need any items.

Shiny New Emblems

Merlin and Colen each stepped up once.

Yes, Another One

Proteus number 4 ate the Trainer Hero. I’ve since finished him off today, and am actually about to take a break from leveling heroes until after January 1 when I’ll use my stockpiled EHT to try for Buddy, Vela, Rudolph, and company.