🔵 [Dec 18, 2019] Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team last time:

My team this time is the same, but Anzogh is maxed. They have to earn some more wizard emblems :slight_smile:

Anzogh was dead in the end, but that doesn’t matter so much. I need him for the waves, not for the bosses.

Trainer…ah a purple one - goes to my second Rigard on his way to max.
Emblems: 14 needed for Sartana’s first node (I think I said something similar before and gave the emblems to Anz^^), fighter emblems stocked for Boldie, he’s +10 now, but I’m short on iron and food. Or for Colen WHEN he will be maxed one day^^ only other higher fighter is Elena and she has to wait…