🔵 [Dec 15, 2019] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team last time.

My team this time. I was happy to have Lianna available for this one. I was also intent on ditching the fragile 4* that died repeatedly last time, so I brought in Ariel.

  • On the bench: Hansel, Gafar, Elk 3.70, Grazul 3.70, Rigs, Valeria, Wu, Li Xiu, Agwe, Boril, Jabbar, Wilbur 2, Chef BT
  • Up and coming: Viv 4.44

No issues in getting to the bosses with this crew. Everyone was ready to go, and I had two on-color diamonds to boot.

All three died simultaneously in the Great Cascade of '19. No items used. Trainer to Viv, emblems to Tarlak and Ma North.


Here is who I took last time on both:
Previous roster.

Here is who I took on my main this time:

I finally got to test out Hansel and get used to the mechanics of how he works. On the second stage I swapped out Boril and put in Rigard. Was actually a good idea as it kept Viv and Boril’s slash attacks from defeating my team. Luckily I already had my 3 star level 8 defensive troop on Rigard. Hansel along with Leonidas and Li Xiu kept both Viv and Boril in check. Mnesseus dispelled when needed. Gonna do my two alts later.

EDIT: Okay, forgot to post my two alts but here is who i took this time on my first alt:

It was pretty much those heroes but not in that order. I was pretty tired and ready to zonk out from a long day at work but wanted to get these out of the way. Jabbar was doing his job at suppressing Vivica’s healing. I hope I get some sand Empire heroes on my main in summer 2020. Cleric emblems went to Hawkmoon, and monk emblems went to Bane bringing him to +14 or 15. Don’t remember atm. :woman_shrugging:

Here is who I took on Alt #2:

The lovable bear came in handy against Joon in stage one (as that was all I could complete on this profile due to level wall). And Mnesseus hung on surprisingly well for a 1-1. Wu Kong was being a good Monkey Lord and making a majority of my tiles hit like a truck. Monk emblems went to my lovable bear buddy, clerics are being stowed for now.


The Hatter 4/80, Li Xiu 4/70, Wu Kong 4/70, Wilbur 4/70, Rigard+12

Some minor healing potions and one bomb to reduce Joons attack. Hatter is good at dealing with Boril’s riposte.


Reset log: Piety, Shadows, Mysticism, Piety


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Major changes, got a rainbow team in there now. I figured this team would’ve went through unscathed but alas I had to spend a 75 gems to continue. Bleeping Joon. The trainer will go to Miki and the emblems to Valeria and Boril.


Hawkmoon+18, Li Xiu+6, Boril+3, Rigard+9, Wu Kong+12

Brought dragons, bombs, axes, and medium mana pots.

Started with two dragons early, as the monks both resisted the burn from the first one. Was handling the bosses okay, but I think I lost Hawkmoon eventually. Also ran out of mana eventually topping off Rigard and Boril, so at that point I used some more items to avoid the endless healing loop. I think two axes finished the job to avoid another round of healing by Tuck.

Feeder went to current yellow project Hu Tao. Cleric emblems banked for now, Wu got a +1.


Can’t complain about this Trial, pretty strong team!

Done and dusted, no items:

Stayed patient to work my way through Friar, he was tough to put down. Kunchen eats the emblems to move up two more tiers :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Mostly just for fun, I decided to try a notably different team this time:

The Battle

Health management was a little touch-and-go at times for Hansel, Jabbar, and Gafar, but the healing reductions and mana control were nice counters to Friar Tuck, and the color stack made more sense against Joon.

I think on the whole this was a nice team to switch to.

Shiny New Emblems

Joon and Hansel each stepped up one node.

Holding Out for a Hero

Though I’ve been routinely off-color feeding my yellows to purple heroes, I decided to hold onto the Trainer Hero for now.

I’m closing in on finishing Proteus 4, Caedmon 2, and Triton 2, and then I’m taking a hiatus on hero leveling until I use my 50 EHT in January, hoping for Buddy at least. I’m 2 Darts away from being able to max Leonidas, so I figure it doesn’t hurt to see if I happen to get them by the time I resume leveling heroes in a couple weeks.

Otherwise the Trainer Hero can go to Buddy/Mother North/Vela/Santa or Lianna (who’s sitting around waiting to see if MN shows up, since I only have 5 Tonics).


I take it your a fan of Vela?


Or just not a fan of Grimble :grin: lettin my EHTs rip on 1/1 too


If Rudy, Bud, Santa, Mum and Goatie are (or almost all of them) on your bench already, there will be nothing to go for now.

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Going off topic, but trial is over so I’ll be bad now.

I have 25 EHT. I got Rudolph, Buddy, and Santa last year. Have done ZERO pulls in December.

I was debating holding for the bunny’s, of which I have none. Not sure I want to go for that low chance at Mother North. I decided to go this time but wait for January and Vela. I have 5 scopes so no concern. I have 15 tabards! As for blue and purple 5* heroes, I have:

  • Magni +7
  • Ariel +6
  • Isarnia +1
  • Richard 4.43
  • Thorne 1.1
  • Ursena +13
  • Domitia +7
  • Seshat +7
  • Obakan 4.80
  • Obakan 1.1
  • Obakan 1.1
  • Obakan 1.1

I guess I could hold for s3, but don’t think that’s best as likely other ways to obtain.

So, is my decision correct with this limited info? Grimble to niche and I don’t need a purple tank. Vela better option for me. No need to wait for bunnies? Thoughts!