🔵 [Dec 11, 2019] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Last time:

This time:

After pulling and power leveling Gretel, I stripped the emblems off Little John and gave them to her. She’s both what I needed for this trial (strong or neutral color) and helps my yellow bench a lot.

Everything kinda died before Witch Hunter could do anything, but eh, such is life. :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Trainer going to Boldtusk #3. Or #4. (Future edit: it’s #4 but Magni ate the trainer, so :man_shrugging:t2:) I forget how many copies I have. Upped Scarlett a bit for Titans then leaving her there and banking the Rogue emblems since neither her nor Peters see much general play, and it’d be more to pay once I final ascend Jack Sparrow.

And thanks again zephyr1!


I’ve read the question with the costumes, good point…to be honest, when I setup my team, I can’t remember which costume switches to which class. Maybe when I levelled them…for I want to have a dupe for every costum and leave it on. Then I’ll see it directly :smiley:


Same team

Got baby burner first

Then the big bad inferno, but after he lit the bbq

Wasnt quite gana make it so had to revive to get the red rouge assassin


Same team as last time:
Could’ve used minor mana pots over dragon attacks but these guys got the job done (burned most of my health pots).

My cat doesn’t really respect me but at least I have Scarlett’s (fleeting) respect:

Until next time!

@jinbatsu bad*ss action shot!
@notyou87 just over one month since your last run at this Trials, curious to find out how you fared this time


Same team as last time and just as easy as last time—if only I fared so well in all the trials. I think I only used a few antidotes—not even the health or mana pots I brought.


My team this time:

  • Domitia +9
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Gormek +20
  • Little John +6
  • Kelile 4^70

Compared to last time, Domitia is up 1 talent, and I started giving emblems to Little John (inspired by @Olmor’s post in the last Trials of Survival thread). Otherwise, it was the same crew.

Had some trouble keeping Little John and Kelile healed up during the mob waves, which was annoying. Probably started hoarding mana for the bosses too early and should have fired Azlar and LJ at least one more time on the mobs, but I always worry with slow mana heroes. Got to the boss waves with all specials charged, but a trash board. Consequently, I hit the bosses very hard early, then couldn’t get enough tile damage and mana going to finish them off quickly. After my Azlar’s DoT burned through, I launched a bomb and a dragon, but ended up with most of my heroes in critical health with way too much boss health left, and Scarlett ready to fire. Had to finish Azlar and Scarlett with 5 axes, but then I was able to take out Nashgar with tiles and specials. Still not too happy with that level of item usage, but at least I had a surplus of axes thanks to my recent performance in the revamped challenge events.

Still don’t have enough rogue emblems for that crazy-expensive tenth node for Domitia. Also fell short of the 30-emblem next node for LJ. Trainer hero goes to Scarlett, who came to my roster super late.


I did all 3 stages very easy in all honesty. I Dragon Attacked and Bombed the final bosses on Stage 3 purely out of habit but don’t think I needed to, or at the very least didn’t need 5 Dragon and 4 bombs… maybe 1 of each only.

I had:

Miki 4/2
Kelile +4
Gormek 3/60
Peters +3
Scarlett +2

So I had 2 silencers for the bosses plus damage boost from Miki also.
But I get too paranoid if I don’t spam those Dragon Attacks and Bombs especially when I have no healers lol. Oh well, better than spending real cash to obtain some emblems, so I am happy to have wasted some battle items.


Pretty sure this has become my boldest trials team.


Wow, that went surprisingly well. No items needed for the first two stages, and only two bombs and two dragons (and fifteen little healing pots) for the final stage. I’m finally learning from my mistakes. I used the first dragon right away on the bosses to let them start burning, and then a bomb when it was time for them to start attacking. Refreshed both as needed. The final picture would have looked better if I had brought antidotes instead of axes.
Pictured heroes are +7, +1, +0, +1, +14, respectively.

Rewards will be stockpiled for now.


I have Miki. You can imagine the rest.


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

So not much change at all. No healing - no problem. Nuke the bosses. Trainer to Kingston. Rogue emblems to continue to be split between Marjana and Alice. I’m up to 446 barbarian emblems and idk what to do with them. I got Gretel this last Fables but I have Grimm maxed…:thinking:


I changed my team on this one. I recently maxed and emblemed Little John, so he was put in for the test replacing Gormek. Only drawback I have in this trial is that I had no healers, so used up all my small mana potions to keep my team alive. But apart from that, I am pretty happy with this bunch. The emblems went to LJ and Scarlett. The trainer hero got eaten by Ariel, who was finally maxed thanks to that and a bunch of other trainer heroes that I had saved. :slight_smile:

Here is LJ and Scarlett with their new emblems. :slight_smile:


Almost the same Team @Aunty_Krauser, except I had Domitia and Musashi other than Dawa and Azar. I can’t say that it made it all that much easier though. I seemed to have rather bad boards after the 1st stage. Was forced to use all of my small and medium health pots.
Feeder went to G Falcon who’s on his last few levels to max…FINALLY.
Emblems are going to sit for a bit. Need to restock my AM’s.


Team slightly changed: Marjana 3/62 replaced by Miki 4/48, Grimm+19, Little John+3, Kelile+6, Domitia+7. A walk in the park. Used 2 mid-size healing potions and 2 dragon storms to save the board for the boss stage. All the specs loaded and a purple, blue and red diamond, Miki silenced the bosses nicely and after Grimm softened their defence a little it was like a movie when the cascades took their lives. Grimm is now on +20, the rogue emblems will be spared and the 3* trainer went to Azlar now 2/46.