🔵 [Dec 1, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Totally forgot to post for this one, oops.

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

I think I had to revive Hansel to sufficiently mana control the Bosses after he got killed accidentally against Boril’s Riposte, and think I decided that next time I should kill Vivica earlier. I tried killing Horghall before her, and when they were both almost dead I got behind on damage and she ended up healing them both a lot.

I still won fairly easily in the end, it was just more drawn out than it needed to be.

Shiny New Emblems

Caedmon and Hansel both stepped up once.

Another Druid

My second Caedmon ate the Trainer Hero.

Fun fact: I’m low enough on heroes that I want to level at the moment that I’m planning to finish Gobbler from 3-60 to max after this second Caedmon. I doubt I’ll really use him, but with only three heroes sitting at 3-60, I feel increasingly compelled to max them just for a sense of completion.