🔵 [Dec 09, 2020] Trials of Shadows – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

I know it’s not that bad of a team, it’s just incomparable to some of those team and most of those heroes i will never ever get :rofl: My pride is that it’s almost brand new, just up to one/two months ago i only had Sabina and Almur maxed, being finally able to build a team valid enough to finish the trial without needing any item is a success. My biggest regret is that i really have no other choice if not 3*. It seems i cannot pull heroes of some classes, Kiril’s costume being one of them (I have Kiril at +20, but the costume hates me month after month).

Skittles costume is a work in progress (i really maxed her just a few days ago, i started working on her after the last sorcerer trial). I power leveled it to third ascension to get the best bonus i could for the last level. Thanks for the heads up, i’m more of a “defensive” player usually, whenever i see a hero with low defense i try to increase it the most. Maybe with Skittle i’ll try the other way. I’m just 100% sure emblems will go to those 3 heroes. I’m not pulling for special heroes and even if i was, i wouldn’t pull them anyway :joy: and there’s no sorcerer waiting on the bench to be maxed, only a second Almur.
Thx again :pray:

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I was in a hurry so did not mess with the 4 hero challenge this time around. I did use all 4’s as it was my default from last time. I took out Danzaburo for c-Li Xiu who is one my newer toys. I am trying hard to like her, but I think I got her late. Here is the team:

Here is the bench:

Mobs went fine. Li Xiu’s color helped at least. Bosses were kind of tough, but it was also none of my heroes for this are that tough. I should have brought medium and small mana. I would have triggered Li Xiu once or twice at opportune moments.

I did use 1 dragon attack but it was a total accident from fat fingers, I didn’t need to. :laughing:

Anyone else digging c-Li Xiu and want to fill me in? With costume bonus she hits harder, still not hard, but her mana cut is less. My complaint with the normal version is that cut wasn’t big enough. The marginal damage increase doesn’t make up for making a too small cut smaller IMO :man_shrugging:.

I prefer Gretel and LJ for sure for mana control. It is a toss up between her and Chao, but I may pick Chao.

EDIT: Quintus went up a node to +10. Rogue building for Domitia’s first node. It is finally her turn :+1:.

I also forgot the victory shot:


@Basil your team is great! You have Almur and Brynhild who are both amazing 4* heroes not everyone can get. You also have a Domitia costume, it’s no joke of a team.

We also did an4* only and vanilla only challenge previously with these trials so don’t feel bad for not having the latest and greatest. They’re cool, but definitely not “essential”.


cKiril+19, Ursena+19, Mitsuko+6, Marjana+18, Jackal+18

I don’t even remember what I used last time, but I know I didn’t have Mits so either used another Jackal+0 or cLi Xiu+0 in her place. Either way team is way more beefed up this round, and went from one of the toughest trials to “about average challenge”.

Really not too much to say apart from boom, boom, and more boom. Bunch of yellows lined up nicely under Skittles so cKiril+Jackal’s debuff meant she was basically dead after I fired all my specials and cleared the yellows. Then set Jackal on Scarlett but the damn rogue evaded twice! Thankfully the holy defense debuff did proc so when the next set of yellow tiles fell in place I just tiled her to death. Used Jackal again to flip Domitia’s buff, but red tiles filled in first so Marjana dealt the finishing blow.

Item tally: 2 antidotes due to damn Scarlett evading twice

Trainer saved, emblems to bring Mits to +7 and Marj to +19. :+1:


Thanks for all your work over this stretch @Guvnor!



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