Debuffs stay after revive


in my latest raid it happened that Alby brought back Hel and Richard.
Richard was revived with the fire dot from Marjana wich he got when she killed him.

I suppose that is not intended.

I think its intended as you also come back with the same amount of mana you had when you died or better yet your special will still be fully charged if you died when it was fully charged. If you died and lost debuffs they would have to make it so your mana was reset to 0% and lost any specials that were ready. Id prefer to come back with what i had when i died debuff/buff/mana/special myself.

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But i never saw that before. Neither the burn nor other de-/buffs.

So its a bug or a non listed change

I dont have alby but thinkin it could be a change due to wars. Iā€™m sure wars has caused complaints about alby

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Had it some more times. But only with debuffs. Never with buffs.

#edit: others from 7dd encountered the same problem.


Ok if a special skill (debuff Sonya) killed the hero why after revive magni came back with positive buffs that is realy a bug in my view.

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