Debuff Wilbur but not Evelyn

Why will be Wilbur debuffed from Domitia or Seshat (even from your own team), but Evelyn not?

Not 100% sure what you’re referring to here as its not quite clear.

Are you saying that Evelyn did not “Debuff” wilbur’s elemental link/ defence buff but Domitia & Seshat do?

Evelyn SHOULD debuff the target & nearby, same as both Dom & Seshat do

Domitia only debuffs the target and the 2 heroes flanking the target, so if you are using Wilbur on offence and are hit by Domitia it won’t cancel the link for all heroes, just the target and it’s flanks.

All enemies with Evelyns buff will not be debuffed by Domitia or Seshat (only the target, but not the flanks).

Buff = create Positive status effect
Debuff = create Negative status effect
Dispell = clear positive status on enemies
Cleans = clear negative status effect on allies


All enemies with Evelyns debuff will not be dispelled by Domitia or Seshat.

This is correct as intended, because Domitia will not clear negative status effect of opponent. She only dispell postive status effect.

Wilbur create Positive status effect on allies, and create Negative status effect on enemies plus also create a Positive status effect on enemies. (The -def is Negative status and Shared Link Damage is Positive status effect).

So if we dispell to opponent that has wilbur status effect (clear negative status effect), it clear the buff (shared link damage), but not clear the debuff (-def).


If you’re talking about removing the buffs they give, its because Evelyn’s Elemental Link buff can’t be dispelled. Wilbur’s buffs can be dispelled

Thx for your support.

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