Debuff or not to debuff

D team currently consists of Sonya max, Rigard max, Viv 4(50), Nat 4(40), Caed max. Gregs at 3(35) and similar power to Caed, should he be swapped? Just not sure if a double debuff is worth it.

I would go with Gregorian.

As so often the answer is: depends on…
Facing an opponent with counter attackers, Kiril or Wu Kong…it might make sence to double your chance to debuff their skills.

Thanks for your input. Why is that?

Being a defence team, opponents are unforeseeable

Are you fighting platinium or Diamond?


Firmly platinum, excuse me

So I am with Grendoline. Chose Greg…

Since I assumed that you listed them in the same order as in your team which makes Sonya and Caed both “Fast” debuffer in the corner.
Which means they will in ~85% of the matches shot at the same time which makes in about 90% of this cases the 2nd debuff “useless”.

2nd reason is gregs special skill does more dmg and gives team crit for overall more dmg

Thank you Grendoline, not sure where those percentages came from but your analysis is reassuring. I will make the switch.

I estimated them based on my experience over my 5 months of unhealthy obsessive playing of this game :joy:

Most of the times I and in almost every video I watched of other guys playing this game they try to destroy the tank first. so the corner enemies get almost not hit or a even distribution of hits which means they will get there special at the some time most of the games.
To be fair maybe I am biased and the percentage leans more toward 70% or something but I guess you understand my intentions ^^

Now to the 90%:
If they shoot at the same time the 2nd debuff will be useless except if one or both are blinded.
Let’s be real in platinum no one will attack using Bane, Hu Tao and Justive both have more use in Defence so only ppl without other options use them to raid ^^
And if I would attack you I would definitely use my Joon special on the 4/40 Nat not on Sonya/Caedmon :slight_smile: (Edit: the same goes for my Chao special)

Like I said here I used no statistics only rough estimates based on my experience of 5 months of playing E&P and my 20 years of gaming :smile:

Nothin wrong with a healthy, well informed guestimate. Im sure those numbers arent too far off. I appreciate your feedback, the blonde stache will take the silver foxes place!

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