Debuff issue?

Belith and tyrum are dispelling Gunnars shared damage on enemies. Is it suppose remove negative debuffs or only possitive?

Damage share is considered a buff in the system.

Realistically it’s nature is more characterised by a defence stat modifier:

Paired with a defence DEBUFF and the setup becomes an ailment (Eg what costume Gunnar casts or what Wilbur does to the enemy)

Paired with a defence BUFF the whole setup becomes one big buff (e.g. what normal Gunnar and Kailani and Aegir do & Wilbur does to allies).

In a neutral state (i.e. no debuff or buff to the defence stats) it really beneficial to the owner as it extends the life of all heroes by spreading the damage around.


Dispell should only remove any positive status (BUFF) on enemies.
So… Gunnar Costume give opponent Negative Status (DEBUFF) = Def Down, and also give opponent Positive Status (BUFF) = Shared Damage.

Dispeller will only remove Positive status (BUFF), which is the shared damage. And not removing the DEBUFF = Def Down.

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Both makes sense when spelled out… thanks

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