Debate between Ascending Santa and Queen of Hearts

Difficult to decide which to work on for tank, flank and side positions

Santa is slow and Queen is average mana speed. Who can go the distance as tank and who will shine brighter?
Who can be a very good flank and which is better for the side positions?

Santa Claus: Slow
Minions for all allies
Attack reduction for foes
Defense reduction for foes

Your strikers would be war machines. Forces the attacker to bring cleanser.

Queen of Hearts: Average
Minion for herself
Increased defense against special damage
Taunt while her minion is alive

Withour minion she becomes worse then Kadilen

Santa is the clear winner to me.
And: Santa gives you gifts, the queen wants your head.

Santa is a good tank/left flank.
Queen is a good right flank just when Mother North is in the left wing.

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Thank you Fra. That’s a very precise answer. I like how you presented your answer.


Oh and since queen is good opposite momma that’s still open slightly since momma is about to max tier.

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Also when you do decide to give Santa emblems in his talent grid, he gains the withstand ability which is really useful imo.

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Thank you Aunty. I wasn’t aware of that.

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Santa way more scarrier

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Thank you mogulemon.

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