Death walks among us...the Olympian Conspiracy

In the cannon of E&P, the shores of Correllia have been visited by many strange folk, and mythical characters.

And none more mythical than the members of the Greek pantheon - three children of Zeus himself - Athena, goddess of Wisdom, Ares god of War and Perseus, demi-god and slayer Medusa.

But are there are any other, more insidious, visitors from mount Olympus?


Hades himself, Lord of the Underworld stalks across Correllia. Maybe he is sitting in your very roster as you read this…

Consider the evidence; the in the Latin tradition, Zeus is known as Jupiter or Jove. From this we derive the archaic exclamation ’ by Jove!’ and, due to his link to jollities, the term ‘jovial’. (Listen to Holst’s The Planets suite for a symphonic interpretation).

But what has this to do with Hades?

Well, he has even labelled himself as Zeus’s sibling, using a double entendre to disguise this truth:

Jovial Brother - the brother of Jove

But is there anything else to back up this extraordinary claim?

Hades is the Lord of the Underworld. He guards the souls of the dead with a jealous passion and keeps the keys to the gates in his personal possession.


And his name ‘Hades’ speaks to his secrecy-
early forms of Greek suggest an etymological link to Awides (“unseen”).

As god of the Dead, Hades also has power to restore life and within the realms of E&P has demonstrated his gifts as a healer.

And what is the persona currently being employed by this mighty lord of the Dead?


Our very own Friar Tuck.

Or could he just be a jolly member of a religious order?

Friars unlike Monks, wanders I’m the community. And have no use, therefore, for keys!

But what is his mission? Is he here to chaperone his neice and nephews? Or something more sinister?

Will we ever see Hades cast off his habit of a lifetime and step out as the mighty master of Death itself?

His power and ability dwarves Athena and Ares, surely he would be a force without reckoning.


Classic, JB!

20 characters


Now I know why Friar Tuck’s picture always creeps me out! :grin:



I’ll never see him in the same way anymore.

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Excellent, JB, as usual

@JonahTheBard - you never disappoint! :slightly_smiling_face:
I never did like that Friar…

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Dammit. I love Holst’s Jupiter Bringer of Jollidity. You know that part that stands out. Love it. This is a warped interpretation of everything holy… Love it too.

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Thanks man. Since I wrote this, Poseidon has been added to the game, too. But no Hades? It only adds to the conspiracy!


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