Death Squad needs you

We have 6 open slots for friendly, active players. We are consistently taking down 4 stars and want to go higher. 400 trophies minimum. We are a No drama, friendly and supportive group. Come give us a try and we’ll help each other grow. We want to get higher titans, but we are laid back about it. We ask that you try to hit daily, but we don’t kick if you miss a few days, as we know life happens. And If you tell us of longer absences in advance, we’ll even hold your slot. Search for Death Squad, led by Pvt Nutter.

We’ve filled a few slots, but we still need you to round out or group. Come join us as we get stronger together!

Hi, I’ve sent my request. I’m an active player with over 1000 trophies. I’d like to join you to fight stronger titans then 2*. My previous alliance couldn’t deal with stronger ones.

I’m looking forward to your acceptance :slight_smile:

You’re in, glad to have you. We’ve had several strong new members join in the last few days. You’ll make a fine addition to our team. I think we’ll be transitioning from 4 star to 5 star titan soon.

We still have room for a few more, so if you know anyone who would be a good fit, send them over.

Hello folks, we got some new players and have taken down our first 5*. We’re working on our second 5*, and we need your help. We have 3 open slots still, so come join us!

Search Death Squad and look for the one led by me, Pvt Nutter

PVT, Peter here, i lost my account trying to get it back
can you confirm the following:
I was level 21
exact account name was:Peter
rank i had in the alliance:member

Yes, I confirm that. 983 trophies at the moment, and level 21. Still a
member of the alliance. I’d noticed your absence but thought you might come
back. Good luck with the account retrieval.

You will need to contact Game Support to return to the game: