Death sounds in raids and wars

in all raids now, enemy heroes dying make the same sound as bosses dying.

it is weird, i don’t know if it is a bug or intentional but i didn’t see it mentioned anywhere


I think they sound like “season 2 seahorse” dying rather than bosses dying.

Yes, they start sound like that after version 43 update. Not sure if it is bug or not since it isn’t mention in the release notes.

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I don’t know if it is intended or not but… It is annoying! Really annoying!!!

Please revert the change!!!

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My usual response of “wait…this game has sounds?” will always apply here :joy:

But if you genuinely like the sound then fair play I guess.


It’s actually sound of titan dying I think.

Anyways, I noticed that in beta already and regret I didn’t speak then. Thought it’s just a regular mess up that happens all the time in beta, with sounds or animations not working as they supposed to.

it is horrible

i didn’t use sounds in the beta :frowning:

If you guys go back and play S1 Level 8-4 you will also notice new animations of mini bosses dying. What’s hilarious is that it’s more dramatic than the actual bosses dying.


Like fireworks :boom: lol

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I think that is animation when titan die :rofl:

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Lol okay well it’s the same :blush:

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Yeah, I always mute the game, so I’m all puzzeled when sounds are mentioned… the soundtrack is the same as 4 years ago, as far as I can tell, of course, with music not being a revenue generator, SG couldn’t care less about it… if soundtracks were different from season to season and from event to event, perhaps I would unmute the game, but hearing the same theme over and over and over, for hours a day, each day, every month, every year is beyond my threshold…

Lol you’re missing out, the sounds for specials are great!

Also I loved the music when doing the Halloween quest :grinning:

My kid was only 4 yo when I started playing, so I muted the game whenever he was sleeping close by. Soon I was getting used to silent play and the game was left muted ever since. I’m ocasionally turning up the sound, but it feels strange now rhat I’m used to silent play.

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As mentioned by @u2371 , that sound is like seahorse atlantis rises and also like Midgard Gnome from valhalla forever. And also like titan dying as @Suicide_Bunny said.

IMO, it is good to feel different with sound as sign that enemies are not in resurrect, etc.

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